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August 2015

Dialogue Prompt: Bloody hell!


Dialogue Prompt: Worth Gold


Whatever had gotten the troll’s attention had been scary enough to chase it off. The forest was still silent from the troll’s appearance, but this time there were no movement in the trees. There was no rustling of leaves, but as she listened for any strange sounds she could faintly hear something echoing through the woods.

“Yah whooo!”

The call came closer, and grew louder as Liora spotted who was making them.

A skinny, monkey like man was flailing his arms as he ran through the woods towards the tumbled tree. His body was wrapped in a fur robe, his feet were in the same fur. His hair was matted and he looked filthy, but not threatening.

The man stopped at the roots of the tree. He scurried around picking up things and putting them in a small leather bag at his waist. A large smile from ear to ear, showed that whatever he was doing he was enjoying.

Slipping out from behind the tree, Liora was curious as to what the man was doing. He had obviously been excited about something and although he was strange he didn’t look to be a threat.

Climbing over a fallen log or two, and walking through the underbrush Liora stopped at the edge of the uprooted tree. The monkey man continued jumping around picking up what looked to be large brown rocks.

Stones, maybe?


The man stopped and turned in a instance at the sound of her voice. He had a brown rock in his hand, although his smile had faded.

“Are you after my gold?”

“Gold? No.”

She didn’t see any gold. All she saw was those weird brown rocks.

“Then why are you here?”

The man spoke quickly going back to collecting the rocks.

“I was hiding from the troll and then I saw you. I was curious as to what you’re picking up.”

She bent down to pick up one of the brown rocks as the monkey man darted forward grabbing it instead.


He spat, sticking the rock forcibly into his bag.

“It doesn’t look like gold.”

“It’s not actual gold. I call it gold because that’s what it’s worth.”

“But, what is it then?” She asked, noticing the man sigh.

“Troll pellets.”

“Troll pellets?”

“Troll poop.” The monkey man spat, sticking another pellet in the bag.

“People pay for troll poop?”

Liora didn’t know how to react to that. Her nana had told her about all sorts of strange remedies but none of them involved troll poop. She didn’t know if she was more disgusted or curious about the whole discovery.

“Troll… pellets.” The monkey man paused, taking one of the pellets in his hand, “are believed to hold a medicinal property. When shaved into stews or brewed into teas, people believe it helps them with all sorts of things.”

“They eat it‽” Liora felt her stomach churn. “That’s disgusting!”

“No, what’s disgusting is the amount of spiders you eat when you sleep. Troll poo…llets are considered medicine, and therefore not disgusting.”


Pellar likes his troll pellets. XD


UPDATE: At least I did something…

As you all know from reading the Gone Camping post, I went away for a week. What? I’m allowed to go on a vacation in the middle of the woods for a week. I will have you know I was productive while I was mostly technology free. I brought my laptop so I could continue my work on my book.

And, so without further delay…

CHAPTER 8 is near completion! YAY, Progress! 🙂

Here’s proof:


Old Word Friday: Trumpery

Hello everyone,

Yes, I know it is Saturday, and I am sorry I am posting this one day late. The thing is, I wasn’t back in the world of strong internet until now. So, without further delay here is your old word!


Meaning pretty things that are worthless.


Those china dolls are trumpery.

I have a lot of trumpery things.

UPDATE: Gone Camping


Just wanting to let you know that I will be away this week (Aug 21-29) and will have limited to no internet connection. I will try to update when I can and check in with my favourite blogs while I’m away… but sadly trees don’t have wifi…

But Classy, why not use your phone?

Good question disembodied voice.

The answer is, where I am camping I will also have limited data/ cell reception. So no cell phone updates either…

Again I’m sorry, but look at it this way. I’ve got a week in the woods to write and get awesome stuff ready to share with all of you when I get back. That’s exciting, right? Right, guys? Guys…

Okay, enough of this. I need to finish packing the car and Mr. Canuck is giving me the stink eye so I better be heading.

Toodles for now.

Classy 🙂

Old Word Friday: Niblings

I love this word. It sounds so funny but it makes sense. Why don’t we uses these words any-more? Why‽


The children of your siblings. Your nieces and nephews.



I’m babysitting my niblings today.


My sister is having to deal with the niblings this weekend.


I have three niblings: James, Chris, and Molly.


Writing Prompt: Strange Letter


Liora sat, swinging her feet as they knocked against the wooden barrel. It was mid-afternoon, while the sun beat down on the empty street.

Looking to the left she could see a woman beating a rug with a broomstick, while further down the road a man was slaughtering chickens. Dentrim was strange that way. Everyone had their own shops or workspaces but no one ever worked in them.

A large shadow moved to block the sun from above her, as she turned to see a large fellow with a missing eye standing beside her. There were all sorts of strange folk in the big city, but this monstrous man looked at her with a dopey sag in his face.

“Can I help you?” She asked, unsure what the man’s intentions were.

She gripped tightly to the edge of the barrel, hoping he wasn’t going to try and take her. There were enough people for her to make a scene, but all those fears faded when he handed her a letter.

“Wed told me to give this to yah.”

By Wed, Liora was certain he meant Red.


Taking the letter in her hands, Liora watched the man lumber off back down the road. He must have been part of the same group of thugs the boy was in, although she wasn’t at all certain about that.

The boy was supposed to meet with her. He had said he would, but instead he got a stranger to deliver a letter. A letter that turned out to be four words.

‘Can’t Make It. – Red’

He can’t be bloody serious. Liora crumpled up the parchment before jumping off the top of the barrel. Who did he think he was leaving her waiting for him in the streets of a dangerous city? Why did he say he would come and then turn around to say he couldn’t make it?

Something didn’t sit right. There was a gnawing in her stomach telling her there was something strange. The boy was supposed to meet with her so she could bring him to the castle. Red was supposed to be leaving those street thugs to start a new life, free from the crime of the streets.

This wasn’t him. She could feel her heart quicken at the sudden realization of what could have happened. Oh Gods… I need to find Caldor.

Update: OH MY GODS, 100!


To some this may no be a big deal, but to me… Oh My Gods! 100 Followers!

Thank you all so much for following me. This has gone better than I could have imagined. It is thanks to all of you that I stay motivated to update and will continue to update when I can.

You are all awesome!!!

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