I sit here staring at the blinding screen in the darkness of my unlit living room. My foot is falling asleep and my butt is going numb from sitting awkwardly on this couch but all I can think of is this nagging question on what I should write here…

This is my first post. I should make a good impression but instead I hear those voices in my head. Those nasty negative words that prejudge you, as to prevent you from having to actually be judge by others.

I take a deep breath. I can write. I’ve done it before… but this time it is different. This time I have a goal in mind. This time I am sharing probably the most precious thing I have.

My story. It isn’t of my life but it is still my story all the same.

12 long years it has been playing over and over in my head in hopes of being shared. It may take a little longer to get everything lined up, but at least I’m taking the first step and putting a date down. I will be publishing by the end of this year. The first in what I hope to be 6 books… but we will have to wait and see.

I’m taking a chance… lets hope I don’t lose control. XD