This. Yeah, that quote right up there pretty much sums up my writing anxiety perfectly.

I want my first draft to be my last/ only draft. Yes, I know that is unrealistic; yet, my mind still thinks these silly things. Just like my brain tells my hand to write He instead of She or Wold instead of Would (-.-).

I think I think too quickly sometimes and my brain is shouting, “Damn it Hand, keep up!”

My hand is probably shouting back, “I’m given ‘er all I got, Captain.”

Maybe I’m giving my hand some unneeded anxiety issues?

Anyways… moving on…

My new goal for getting this first book done is to continuously remind myself to calm down. I even force myself at times to make a mistake to help me stay motivated to change it later. I have even started writing things in the margins of some of my pages to make sure I remember what I need to change.

Nothing is perfect. Not a first draft, and not even the final draft. There is always room to improve.