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August 7, 2015

Happy Friday! Time to drink!

The quote above is probably the best advice I have ever followed. When you drink parts of the ass-hole part of your brain turns off, allowing you to write without limiting yourself or stopping yourself. When you are sober that ass-hole part of your brain then reads what you have previously written and judges you constantly for making basic mistakes… That ass-hole part makes a good editor.

Still… I get a lot of writing done when I don’t have my brain over thinking what I am writing.

Yay, for drunk writing!


*I am in no way telling you to get drunk… I just find it helpful when I’m suffering from writers block or want to stop judging myself while I write. 

Dialogue Prompt: Magic is an Honor

The sun set over the city of La’trel, as the lights in the streets began appearing along with the familiar calls of the nightly guards. It was a peaceful city. More-so than Dirk and less-so than Arromile, but Leena found a love for it all the same.

This city had been the closest she had to a home. The familiar faces of the scholars that wandered the halls. The choirs voices from the Sanctuary of the Flesh in the early mornings. The smell of coconut, lime and pineapple in the air.

La’trel was an oasis and she had missed it.

“Beautiful night.” Ren appeared from the hallway behind her, making his away across the balcony to admire the city in its nightly ritual. “I thought you had gone to bed.”

“Not yet. I needed time to think.”


He leaned against the railing, as she watched him continue to stare out at the world below them. His ember coloured eyes glowed with the orange of the setting sun.

“Us.” She paused. “The six… of us.”

“Oh, and here I was thinking it wasn’t anything too important.”

She took a deep breath, before slowly letting it out. All the six had been discovered. They all knew each other now.  The other five members were at her command if she so wished, but there was still so much needing to be done before she could consider completing the purpose they were all chosen for.

Looking at her hands, she could remember how scary it had been to use her powers for the first time. That was years ago; now, it was just another piece of her. She was gifted with abilities no other human had, as were the others. It was their choice to use them to better the world.

“Our power is an honour, given to us by Them to use to better this world.” Leena didn’t know what the Gods had meant by ‘bettering the world’ but she had some ideas.

She had strived to use her powers to help others. It was all she could do. There was already so much suffering and if she was able to make a difference in someone’s life, then it was possible she had already begun doing what the Gods intended her to do.

That had been her thought until Ren broke her concentration, with his bitter remark.

“Until it is a shackle…”

His fists were in balls. The leather of his gloves were creased and worn. Not all of the Six were as blessed as she was. While she had the power to help others, some had done nothing but suffer; Ren being the one to suffer the most.

Taking him by the hand, she could see the pain in his eyes. She believed their powers to be gifts, while he saw them as a curse.

“One day, Ren, you’ll be free.” She rested her hand gently on his cheek, as he pressed against it.

“One day, we all will.”


*Canadian here… we write honor with an OUR… that way we make it our honour. 😛

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