I found this quote on LawfulEvilNovelist’s blog called Every Writer Needs a Safe Place to Write. They write some amazing things, so I suggest you check them out.

Now onto my writing…

The village was demolished upon their arrival.

Caldor didn’t know what could have led to such a scene.

Bodies hung from the timber posts of what remained of the houses. Smoke smouldered from what had been the piers in the streets. Other villagers lay scattered about like dolls over, under and across the wreckage. The smell of chard flesh was enough to make him gag.

“What in the seven hells?”

It was Foe who broke the silence, as the large man slid off the back of his war-beast. The creature ruffled its feathers before giving a low moan. It too was unnerved by the utter horrors that lay before them.

“They probably found some stupid reason to justify their actions.” Caldor kicked away the charred remains of a shattered clay party mask. “I don’t know where that light came from though.”

“Could it have done this?” Foe wandered over to examine one of the bodies laying down on the blackened cobblestone.

Caldor couldn’t answer his friend’s question. It wasn’t like him to not know something, but anything was possible. That light they had seen from the Glass Tower wasn’t of this world. It was the powers that lay beyond the veil, where the Eternal and the Gods resided.

Was it possible that the Gods had done this?

“Caldor, come see this.”

The old scholar hurried to where his friend had called him. He doubted now that it was all the Gods actions that brought forth this massacre.

Two piles were made side-by-side; women and children in one, men in the other. All were Morzian, the peaceful folk that lived in the mountain village. Any sign of their attackers had been removed. The villagers bodies were sorted. Their throats slit like animals.

This was not the work of the Gods.

“This.” Caldor sighed, sweeping his arm through the air. “This is what ignorance does.”

“I think it’s more than ignorance.” Foe replied, covering his mouth with his glove.

The man had a point. There was hatred in these actions. Whoever had done this didn’t just want to make a point, they wanted nothing and no one to remain. What had happened to justify such brutality? What did these people know that led to their utter demise?

“Come, Foe, there are still things here I must see, and we don’t have much time before those Snakes return.” Caldor turned, hurrying away.