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August 13, 2015

I’m always writing in my head…

When I try to sleep at night I always end up having to imagine a scene from my story. Thinking about the development of the world and the characters in the world brings be great peace. I don’t know why… maybe I find writing comforting? Maybe I find escaping from reality better than facing it? I honestly don’t know. All I know is I am always writing a story in my head. At work, I think about the sequence of a scene. At home I’m thinking of ways to show conflict, passion, loss…

I use my real life and experiences, switching my thoughts for that of what my characters would do. How would they react to sleeping in with only 5 minutes to get ready for work in the morning? How would they deal with having to sit at the lights for 10 minutes because the turning lane is backed up? How would they handle the barking dog next door that doesn’t know the term silence?

As weird as it is, I know how my characters would react to these situations because I’ve put them into the normal world so often that they have practically become real.

So, yes, I may look crazy speaking my ideas out loud when I’m driving or walking about… but at least I can say I know my characters well even though their interactions at the moment are all in my head. XD

UPDATE: And it begins…


So much for leaving it to percolate…

I have officially begun typing out my second draft.

What can I say? I’m overly invested in seeing this come to life; I can’t stop now. XD

Writing Prompt: Dirt Road


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