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August 15, 2015

Day at the Lake


The reason I haven’t posted much today is:
One: it is Saturday
Two: I didn’t bring my laptop to camp.

This is what happens when you take a spontaneous trip to the lake… You forget things. Right now, I’m using my phone to do this… Which is working out better than I expected.

This app works pretty well… But my data’s not going to forgive me.

Brain, let me sleep!


I’m too tired to write but too motivated to sleep. I know if I started writing something I wouldn’t be able to finish my train of thought… and so I am blogging.

Seems like a good compromise.

You find out a little bit more about me as a writer, and I get the pleasure of writing/ shutting up my drain… I mean brain.

At the moment my brain is filled with ideas on what I can add to the story to give it more depth. I love stories that have interconnecting pieces between books and even between chapters. The smallest of details could lead to the big answers in the book. It makes a reader pay attention to what is being written, and gives them that AH HA moment. It is that drawing of attention I need to add… to my…


Attention, which I don’t have at the moment because I just blanked out. XD

Okay, that’s my body reminding me I’m human and humans still need to sleep.

Toodles for now and hopefully I will have an update on my second draft soon.

Old word Friday: Crapulence

I love old words, and try my darnedest to use them in my work. My family knows me for my old fashioned insults or swears but there is something about old English that has a charm modern English doesn’t. That is way, my lovely readers, I am bringing back the old into the new. Every Friday I will look at posting an old word and it is up to you to find out the meaning of it. Of course I will write a sentence using the word to help you figure it out. Along with finding the meaning of the word, if you could write a sentence using the word, that would be amazing!

Without further delay, I shall write my old word sentence.

“After tomorrow night, I will be crapulent.”


*As requested, here is the definition of the word.

Sick from excess food or drink. Can be used as another word for hangover/hungover.

What if?

What if aliens attacked? What if the sky was really falling? What if my character fell in love with another character? What if this character dies? What if there was a talking elephant? What if there was a plague?

For a writer, what if, is probably one of the most frequently ask questions. At least I find I ask this question more than I write. When building a storyline, a character, a setting or what-have-you, there will always be that question of what if. It is the foundation to asking more complex questions and developing a deeper story/ character.

Let your mind wander and wonder. Ask yourself, what if, today.

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