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August 16, 2015

Inspiration by Nature


Last night I was sitting at the end of the dock and this beautiful scene appeared before me.

The warm wind kissed my skin, as the orange water lapped at my ankles. The smell of pine and wood smoke was in the air. I could hear the crackling of the fire behind me on the rocky beach and the laughter of my friends.

This was the perfect day. The water was cool and sun was hot. The bugs weren’t bad and then this sunset. The way the clouds danced over the multicoloured sky. How the sun made the world around look like it was on fire.

If this wasn’t inspiration from nature, I don’t know what is.

Dialogue Prompt: For Gods Sake!

It had been a long day running about, checking up on her patients across the camp. There were plenty of people to assist her, but Liora felt the need to ensure all those who were hurt during the battle of Arrowhilm got the best care. It had been her fault they were hurt in the first place, and it ate at her that she had made these peoples’ suffering worse.

Now, though, she could rest. Her trusted nurses would replace her for the evening; giving her time to recovery from the hectic day.

Washing her hands in the basin by the entrance to her tent, Liora took the chance to remove her apron and inspect her dress for bloodstains. There were little splatters on the sleeves and some on the hem but nothing like it had been the first few days after the battle. The dress could be worn for the next day’s rounds, saving her from dirtying another dress.

Unbuttoning the front of her dress, Liora let it fall to the ground. The cool night air was nice on her skin, as she walked over to her bed where her nightgown rested. Asides from tending to the wounded, her days were rather boring without her friends bothering her.

Devral was busy with gathering information from their informants in the camp. Azryan was recovering well, even though his ribs were still broken and his jaw was swollen. It was too painful for him to talk, which must have been worse than the pain he was in. Liora was certain once the man was better that Azryan would make up for lost time.

Revris hadn’t been around either. For the first two days the man had been with her every second of the day, now… well she didn’t remember spotting him at all.

It was possible he was on assignment, or his father had him elsewhere in the camp.


She turned at the sound of her voice to see Revris standing in the entrance of her tent. His hands were bloody, as she noticed his arm was wrapped with a dirty cloth. The sight of that made her cringe. Couldn’t he have at least tried to find something clearer, or was he wanting to challenge her healing skills.

“For Gods sake, Revris! Who did you kill now?”

“No one.” He shouted, throwing his arms in the air before pulling the injured one back down. He pressed it into his side, as his face winced from the pain. “Fecking dragon got me.”

“A dragon? Where in the seven hells did you happen across a dragon?”

Liora hurried forward, lifting the edge of the bandage to see the gashes. His arm looked like raw meat, but it was fixable. She would have to clean it and probably stitch it; something the man wouldn’t be happy about.

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