terrible time

She pealed away the wrapping to see the wound. Something had really done a number on this man, though she couldn’t tell what under all the dry blood and puss.

Turning to look at his friend, Liora noticed quickly that he was looking a faint shade of green. She hoped she wouldn’t need to care for him too.

“Are you all right?” Liora asked, noticing the man cringe before covering his mouth. “Do you need to sit down?”

“That’s a lot of blood… don’t you feel faint?” He asked, working his way to the floor before  forcing his eyes to stare at his feel.

Obviously this man was new, when it came to the horrors of the battlefront. He was probably a farmer’s son, recruited in hopes for a moment of glory. Some people weren’t made for such a place as this.

“I would have a terrible time as a woman if I fainted at the sight of blood.” Liora jested, noticing the man didn’t show any reaction to her comment. He was likely in shock at seeing what lay under his friend’s bandage.

Turning her attention back to the injured fellow before her, she couldn’t see through the mess of flesh. What worried her the most was the pungent smell of rot. The wound would need to be scrubbed clean and the necrotic skin removed before she could see what she needed to do.

If the infection in the wound was bad he would likely lose the arm. She didn’t want that. It was difficult to be without a limb, but it was better than the alternative.