Two thing I’ve learned.

One: When you are around people, don’t leave your laptop open for everyone to see.


Two: When in public don’t look up ways of killing someone…

Yes, you’re a writer. I’m a writer, but some people won’t understand.

I know you lose touch with reality, and while you are in the moment of writing you think to yourself, “How many stab wounds does it take to kill someone with a fork?”

Well… maybe not that exact question, but something equally as strange/awkward/psychopathic…

And there you go, onto the Google, finding articles on how different people were killed by forks or other kinds of cutlery. That leads to pictures, because you need some idea on what the wounds look like, which leads to you making a folder full of reference material on your laptop, which leads to someone asking why there’s a folder named ‘Stabby McStabby’ on your desktop, which leads to you trying to explain to them why you have these pictures/ references in the first place.

This can go three ways:

One: The person who is asking you understands, because they too have a McStabby Folder on their desktop.

Two: The person doesn’t understand but accepts your ‘unique’ interest because they like you for you.

Three: They avoid you like the plague whenever you are around because they don’t want to be the Cutlery Killer’s next victim.

Either way, I’ve begun to leave this warning sign on my laptop both as a display picture and screensaver for the reason I keep forgetting to close my reference material in public. Luckily I hang out in places where nurses and other medical professionals spend their time… so I don’t get too many strange looks. XD