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September 12, 2015

Sittin’ Around


I’m sitting around in a little shop close to my house. It smells of bleach and antiseptic. Pictures and earrings are hanging on the wall, while the owner – an ex-construction worker that swears like a sailor – is getting the last details on his customer’s piece.
Where am I sitting?
In an old doctors chair in mint green, sipping juice to bring up my glucose level as I sweat with nerves more than sweat from the beating sun through the front window just behind my back.
I hate needles. They scare the shat out of me… But I love tattoos.
Does that make any sense?
So, yes… Today I am getting my second tattoo.
Let’s see how it goes.

Dialogue Prompt: Get a Doctor!


It still amazed him, how something so stressful could make him feel like such a new man. Gregory walked down the dreary streets. He would have his name in every paper across Demor tomorrow morning with his research published in every medical journal. He was a famous doctor now. Though, now that he thought about it, he felt no different than that morning.

Feeling the breeze across his face he watched the newspapers of that day drift around the street. Some sat in the gutters wet, and crumpled like all those hopeless fools that had lost their ambition beside them.

He shook his head; there was still so much he needed to do to make sure that those that needed his treatment would get it. He would need to do many fundraisers as he could. They would need it for the materials but then he needed to also find doctors to perform them for free.

Gregory was more than willing to do them all, but he would reach his goal faster if there was more than one in an operating room. Not to mention the lectures he would need to develop to teach the next generation of doctors. His method would spread worldwide. That thought filled every inch of his mind, inflating his ego.

                What if this doesn’t work as well as planned? What if this is all a dream and I’m still walking to the ministry? He thought, patting his jacket pocket as if trying to wake himself in fear it was a dream. No it was very much real, and he had very much fulfilled his lifelong dream.

That was crazy to think such things, but everything was going too well. Normally at this point he would hit a wall, he would sink into himself, zone the rest of the world out and not come out until he had figured out what was holding him down inside.

Stopping for a moment, Gregory looked out across the park. He could see the streetlights imitate the sun as it danced through their branches and onto the dark walkway. Their rustling calmed him as the late evening breeze cooled his flushed face. Closing his eyes he leaned back on his heels. He had to let go. Things would be different from this moment on. He would make a difference.

There was screams to his left as he noticed it getting closer. Opening his eyes, he realized why things had been so easy. He felt the horse knock him to the ground. The carriage didn’t pause as it continued to drive over his arms and leg. He felt a rush of energy shoot through him as he twisted his body to keep his head away from the wheels.

“Dear god!” He heard a voice scream. “Get a doctor! Someone needs to get this man a doctor.”

Not registering what happened, Gregory tried to sit up. He could feel a throbbing in his left leg. Just a simple cut, he was sure. He couldn’t be that bad off. Feeling the weight of his numb arms pull him back onto the ground there came a stabbing pain that vibrated through every inch of his upper body. He could feel something wet rolling down the sides of his face. Was he crying? Why was he crying?

Everyone was screaming and rushing passed him. He couldn’t be that hurt. He could go home, right?

“Greg, you need to stay with us. You will be at a hospital soon.” A young man said in a surprisingly calm voice. He was in a carriage now, to dark to see anything but this man’s face. Was his head in this man’s lap? How; or when did he get into the carriage? “Hurry, he’s bleeding out.”

This man had red hair, and the greenest of eyes. He knew this face. He couldn’t place him though, as he watched the young man begin to wrap a tourniquet around each of his arms. The voices were fading as was the little light in the carriage. Was he so tired he was falling asleep? He didn’t even get this man’s name.

Character Question: Happy


Caldor becomes happy when he finds answers to questions that have been bugging him. He also becomes happy when he drinks enough berry wine… or when Liora gets complimented for being so smart. Although the last one is more pride, as he feels responsible for Liora’s education and skills.

Foe is happy when he is with his wife and child. No matter what mood he is in Marcia and Druce can always bring a smile to his face. He also is happy when he isn’t having to clean up after Charn, and can have some time to himself.

Marcia is happy when she knows Foe is safe, and also when Foe is happy. She becomes happy when her child develops well, or when her patients get well. Marcia will also become happy when she watches Liora and Druce play in the courtyard, or fall asleep reading books in the girl’s room.

Druce is three, everything makes him laugh or smile… except jesters. Druce hates jesters.

Pellar is tricky. He probably is happy when he makes money, but he may also be happy to have someone willing to listen to his crazy ideas.

Liora is happy when she had successfully helped someone or when someone asks for her help. Liora also is happy when she discovers she isn’t the only one to survive Morza… but that’s another story. 😛

Old Word Friday: Blithering

The word blithering sounds so great. It makes you tongue tied and if you say it enough times in a row you will be blithering.

Blithering is when you utter complete nonsense or foolish things, or is another way to describe a person who is a fool or moron.


“That man over there is a blithering idiot.” She said.

“Stop blithering!” My gran ordered.

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