Caldor becomes happy when he finds answers to questions that have been bugging him. He also becomes happy when he drinks enough berry wine… or when Liora gets complimented for being so smart. Although the last one is more pride, as he feels responsible for Liora’s education and skills.

Foe is happy when he is with his wife and child. No matter what mood he is in Marcia and Druce can always bring a smile to his face. He also is happy when he isn’t having to clean up after Charn, and can have some time to himself.

Marcia is happy when she knows Foe is safe, and also when Foe is happy. She becomes happy when her child develops well, or when her patients get well. Marcia will also become happy when she watches Liora and Druce play in the courtyard, or fall asleep reading books in the girl’s room.

Druce is three, everything makes him laugh or smile… except jesters. Druce hates jesters.

Pellar is tricky. He probably is happy when he makes money, but he may also be happy to have someone willing to listen to his crazy ideas.

Liora is happy when she had successfully helped someone or when someone asks for her help. Liora also is happy when she discovers she isn’t the only one to survive Morza… but that’s another story. 😛