one sentence

I love this questions because it makes you look at your characters and try to think of their complexity in a simple way. Most times you can go on and on about your characters as if they are your best friend. After all you know everything there is to know about them, you created them. Sometimes, though, it is harder to simplify a complicated character into one sentence.

To show you I just didn’t make this for you to do, I willing made a list of sentences each describing my characters from P6’s first book. 😛


Caldor is use to a particular lifestyle, but isn’t afraid of being outside his comfort zone.

Foe is a family man, and the most loyal friend anyone could ask for.

Liora is young but has potential to change the world.

Charn is a good father, although his harshness towards others doesn’t make you think so.

Pellar is best described as over-dramatic.

Talia is an opportunist.

Bruce can’t make his own choices and therefore is usually told what to do.

Marcia tries her best to balance both work and home.

Druce is a happy child and his eyes shine with intelligence.

Vesper is a gryphon… she does bird lion things… (Best description ever!)