I love this quote because I believe it is true. When I first began to get into writing was around 14 years of age. I hated anything to do with English at that time, because schools just don’t know how to get kids engaged in regards to language studies…

Anyway that’s another rant for another time.

At first when I started writing I found it a chore, but as I continued on my mission to – at the time – make the best book ever, my desire to write grew. Soon I found myself writing every day – morning, afternoon, evening and even sometimes through the night. As I continued to write so did this strange need or desire to write.

Now, I’m twenty-four years old and can’t go a day without writing. It is my release, my passion and my therapy. All my emotions and creative ideas grow in my garden that is made up of Word Docs or notebooks.

That is another reason I have this blog. To give me a way to write, and let out what I am thinking to the world while keeping my mind busy with expression and creative thought. I get to meet like-minded people and gods it is awesome when I talk with some of you because then I know I am not alone in the world feeling this way.

Writing has grown into a passion for me when I never thought it would when I was younger, because I did at first force myself to write.

Don’t give up and keep trucking through. You’ll find your passion for something if you stick with it.