The same thing can be said for writing. Writing is meant to be real. Real in the meaning of your feelings and thoughts are truly your creative expression on the page – not real as in based in reality. Everyone knows that writers are crazy and therefore don’t know what reality is (just kidding). Writers take things from our lives and explore all kinds of possibilities in a safe world we have built, but it is not the real world.

We as writers are meant to be true to our thoughts, and trust in our emotions to guide us to creating a piece that moves. Writers push the boundaries and write on topics that scare or bother people. We ask questions no one wants to, and we are also the one’s to find the answers to those questions. We aren’t afraid to explore the possible and even the impossible. Yet, we fear perfection.

We don’t fear it in the way we don’t want it, but in the fact we strive so hard for it. Sometimes writers strive so hard to reach perfection that they never finish their piece and never feel the confidence to publish.

Writers aren’t meant to be perfect.

Sure our grammar should we better than most, and our sentences should have better structure; but that is just the basics. It’s the stories we want to write and the characters we develop, or the description of a location, or emotion in a poem we want to get perfect. We want to reach that perfection, not for us to be happy, but for our possible readers to be.

Writers, though, aren’t meant to be perfect.

If our writing was perfect, no one would create new words or create strange phrases that people repeat in public. If our writing was perfect, there wouldn’t be any discussions on what was wrong with the book and learning from our mistakes…

Writers are not meant to be perfect!

Anyone can be a writer, which makes writing such an amazing thing. Billions of untold stories inside everyone, and yet the majority won’t be told because they fear rejection, which in turn plays into the desire for perfection.

It is sad if you think about it.

That’s why, from this moment on, I am going to have this posted on my inspiration wall. Whenever I feel like I need to strive for perfection, this will be my reminder:


Perfect writing isn’t always good writing; it is the raw emotional and imperfect pieces that can make it real.