Ah yes, writing. If writing was a relationship it would be my Dom and I its Sub.

Writing, as I have written before, is not meant to be easy. Writing is supposed to be a way to express yourself and free yourself. At the same time it can be a way to torture yourself, while causing both pleasure and pain.

You have an idea, you go with that idea, and then boom… writers block.

You are working on your book. You are reviewing said book and then boom… crippling self-doubt and thoughts of how your writing resembles a paper you just marked for an 8th grade writing assignment.

You think you’ve expanded enough on a certain subject, then boom… 3 am your brain is like “Let us think of all the things you didn’t choose to include and question why you didn’t.”

You have finished all your drafts. Now you must edit/ proofread your work. (Do I have to expand on that one…)

Yes, writing is one joy of my existence. I write to free myself from the regular confines of this depressing society. I expand my interests to learn about new things that may become relevant in something I write eventually. I love to write… but at the same time I know that as much as I love to write… I am also writing’s bitch. I come back for more torment after I’ve just gotten over the previous.

I can’t help it. XD