Let’s start with: I know, I’m sorry…

It has been weeks since I’ve posted an actual update to my book progress and I’m a horrible person for not keeping you all informed.

The reason I haven’t done that, was due to writers block, which until the past three days I’ve been suffering from. Now, I’m back and now I can say I have completed chapter nine of P6 book 1.


Here’s proof:


Being that it is 5 am, I believe I deserve some rest before I get up in three hours to go to work for a few hours. XD

Also, the other reason I haven’t been updating is because I am working on a side project to add to my P6 Folder of Awesome. A reference that I, and my future readers, may find incredibly useful when reading my series.

That useful extra will be posted when I reach 300 followers… which will be very soon. Hence my focus has been on that to complete. πŸ˜›

Anywho, that is all I have for you all for now.


Classy Canuck πŸ™‚