I said if I reached 300 followers I would post something special and the time has come to do that. This has been a project that not only will help you – my possible future readers – but also myself in the fact that I have a better idea on direction.

This has been something I’ve had stuck in my head for years, and it feels amazing to actually have a set up of what the world of Gaitan looks like.

Well, part of it at least. ;P

This map focuses on the part of Gaitan where the P6 Series takes place.

I’ll be posting a close-up of the area where P6 book 1 is taking place, and have some fun facts about the areas soon. My hand just needs a break from all this drawing. XD

Anywho, enjoy.

gaitan map


O – Capitals and Major Cities

The bumpy dark sections – Mountains

Lightish grey sections – Unexplored or Uninhabitable Areas

*NOTE: I know the compass is upside down. North for Gaitan is in that direction. Sure Gaitan is comparable to earth’s medieval era, but there are some differences. 🙂