To give you all an idea, Gaitan is a big place and the stories will take part all across this known world. At the moment, in book one, we are focusing on this region of Gaitan.

Here’s a close up of the area:


The squares are villages, stops, or trading posts.

O – Capitals and Major Cities

Blue line: Derm’s border (North)

Orange line: La’reen’s border (Independent state)

Red line: Syder’s border (South)

Fun fact:

Bay’s Lake is the largest lake in all of known Gaitan. It holds most of the freshwater fish population. As it is in neutral land they receive a variety of merchants and customers from all groups. They are one of the only places – asides from La’reen – to sell exotic southern goods outside of the south.

Fishing is the main source of income for those living in Bay’s Lake, though others become merchants or boat builders.

The populations of Bay’s Lake is around 2500, although it fluctuates¬†depending on the trade seasons.