This popped up on my Pinterest feed today, and I thought it would be nice to share it because it really resonates with what I try to do for my characters.

When I’m reading I honestly don’t care what the character looks like. That isn’t what I’m reading the book for. I don’t care if their have blond(e), black, brown, red, or green hair. I don’t care if they have dark or light skin. I don’t care what clothes they wear or how they style themselves.

What really captures me is how they handle situations and act around other characters. I want to know them as they are, by what they say or do. Are they the first to stand up when someone his getting hurt? Are they the one’s throwing the punches? Are they the one’s being beaten down? And, if so, why?

Characters become real to us if we can see qualities of ourselves in them, or qualities we see in people around us in these characters. We want to follow them on their adventure and in a way, be in their shoes.

Reactions, choices, conversations, inner thoughts – these are all important things to consider when building a character. Not what shoes should they wear, and colour shirt should they put on.

People want to read about a person, not a manikin.