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September 30, 2015

Dialogue Prompt: Just tea


I don’t mind coffee from time to time, but I find when I drink it I get a headache…

So, as a substitute I drink tea. There is still caffeine in tea, but I don’t end up with the same side-effects.

We get free coffee at work, so most of my co-workers have grown to depend on the black caffeinated gold…

I am the odd one out, but I don’t mind. Most times I confuse people with my giant thermos of awesome, and it usually leads to some fun conversations like the one above.

Fly Like a Falcon


On falcon wings I fly so far.

To the mountain peaks of Mor.

To seas of blue. To seas of green.

From the land of fire, back home to my king.

Fly like a falcon. Glide far, upon high.

Feeling the wind and sun in the sky.

Fly like a falcon. Glide far, upon high.

Over lush fields; the river’s my guide.


This is a song Cáel chooses to sing, when introducing his friend to the lute. A translated Dermite song, about exploring the world of Gaitan.

Dialogue Prompts: Stuffed Wall-E


A conversation I had with a co-worker today when she decided to comment about some items I have on my desk. I’m a say it as it is type of person, and ended up scaring her off with that reply…

I love the movie Wall-E and so Mr. Canuck got me a Wall-E toy from ToysRUs when we were shopping for the niblings. The little guy always makes me smile, which helps me get through my day. 🙂

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