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September 2015


Hello Everyone,

Just a quicky update to let you know that prophecysixgogam is now an official domain.

Yay! No, way Classy that’s awesome!

Oh, you guys… stop it… really it’s nothing. o^.^o

With that said I just want to let you know that even though this is now an official domain, I’m not going to be changing a lot. I’ll be looking at adding a contact page, where if you wish, you can sign up for newsletters or drop me a line with questions… or heck, if you want to just talk about books or writing, I’m cool with that also.

I am wanting to make my site more friendly to those, like yourselves, to enjoy.

So, if you have any suggestions on what you might like to see added to my site write in the comment section below. I’ll update you all again once I’ve figured out these silly plugins. XD


Classy Canuck

Update: Book 1 Map


To give you all an idea, Gaitan is a big place and the stories will take part all across this known world. At the moment, in book one, we are focusing on this region of Gaitan.

Here’s a close up of the area:


The squares are villages, stops, or trading posts.

O – Capitals and Major Cities

Blue line: Derm’s border (North)

Orange line: La’reen’s border (Independent state)

Red line: Syder’s border (South)

Fun fact:

Bay’s Lake is the largest lake in all of known Gaitan. It holds most of the freshwater fish population. As it is in neutral land they receive a variety of merchants and customers from all groups. They are one of the only places – asides from La’reen – to sell exotic southern goods outside of the south.

Fishing is the main source of income for those living in Bay’s Lake, though others become merchants or boat builders.

The populations of Bay’s Lake is around 2500, although it fluctuates depending on the trade seasons.

Update: As Promised

I said if I reached 300 followers I would post something special and the time has come to do that. This has been a project that not only will help you – my possible future readers – but also myself in the fact that I have a better idea on direction.

This has been something I’ve had stuck in my head for years, and it feels amazing to actually have a set up of what the world of Gaitan looks like.

Well, part of it at least. ;P

This map focuses on the part of Gaitan where the P6 Series takes place.

I’ll be posting a close-up of the area where P6 book 1 is taking place, and have some fun facts about the areas soon. My hand just needs a break from all this drawing. XD

Anywho, enjoy.

gaitan map


O – Capitals and Major Cities

The bumpy dark sections – Mountains

Lightish grey sections – Unexplored or Uninhabitable Areas

*NOTE: I know the compass is upside down. North for Gaitan is in that direction. Sure Gaitan is comparable to earth’s medieval era, but there are some differences. 🙂

Character question: Intro or Extro?


Caldor is an introvert. He rather would spend time alone in his room, with a book, away from all the stupid people that happens to be in the world.

Foe is an extrovert. Get that man a pint and he will make friends with everyone.

Liora is an ambivert. She loves her alone time but enjoys time with other people.

UPDATE: I know, I’m sorry.

Let’s start with: I know, I’m sorry…

It has been weeks since I’ve posted an actual update to my book progress and I’m a horrible person for not keeping you all informed.

The reason I haven’t done that, was due to writers block, which until the past three days I’ve been suffering from. Now, I’m back and now I can say I have completed chapter nine of P6 book 1.


Here’s proof:


Being that it is 5 am, I believe I deserve some rest before I get up in three hours to go to work for a few hours. XD

Also, the other reason I haven’t been updating is because I am working on a side project to add to my P6 Folder of Awesome. A reference that I, and my future readers, may find incredibly useful when reading my series.

That useful extra will be posted when I reach 300 followers… which will be very soon. Hence my focus has been on that to complete. 😛

Anywho, that is all I have for you all for now.


Classy Canuck 🙂

Character Question: Fear


Caldor fears the unknown. It is one reason he is so obsessed with finding the answers, he never wants to be left with questions.

Foe fears what will happen to Charn if his son dies and if such an event happens, what will happen to Derm?

Charn fears losing his son before he has lived a full and meaningful life.

Liora fears she’s losing her mind because of all the images she continues to see and nightmares she has of her home.

Pellar fears it’s his fault Liora gets taken.

Talia’s fears are unknown.

Bruce fears making Talia angry.

Marcia fears what will become of her husband if the prince dies, as whatever happens Foe will no doubt be affected.

Druce is a baby… he fears what he doesn’t understand at the moment.

Found my old writing…

Oh, Gods!

My eyes burn from reading the words I had written on the page of my old notebook from elementary school. The sentence structure… the grammar… the incorrect spelling of necklace (neckless).

At the time I was confident I was the best writer in my class. Now, I can understand why my English teacher told me I had to build experience.

Still, the creativity I had.

Looking over the pages, I don’t know where any of these ideas came from. How did I come up with this story? How did I decided this was how the story was going to end?

If only ideas like this came to me as easily as it had when I was younger…

Oh, Gods! I spelt would (wood) wrong…

Luckalee, my spelling has inproved at list. 😛

Quotes: Somewhere Between…

Ah yes, writing. If writing was a relationship it would be my Dom and I its Sub.

Writing, as I have written before, is not meant to be easy. Writing is supposed to be a way to express yourself and free yourself. At the same time it can be a way to torture yourself, while causing both pleasure and pain.

You have an idea, you go with that idea, and then boom… writers block.

You are working on your book. You are reviewing said book and then boom… crippling self-doubt and thoughts of how your writing resembles a paper you just marked for an 8th grade writing assignment.

You think you’ve expanded enough on a certain subject, then boom… 3 am your brain is like “Let us think of all the things you didn’t choose to include and question why you didn’t.”

You have finished all your drafts. Now you must edit/ proofread your work. (Do I have to expand on that one…)

Yes, writing is one joy of my existence. I write to free myself from the regular confines of this depressing society. I expand my interests to learn about new things that may become relevant in something I write eventually. I love to write… but at the same time I know that as much as I love to write… I am also writing’s bitch. I come back for more torment after I’ve just gotten over the previous.

I can’t help it. XD

Old Word Friday: Chork

This weeks word is chork.

Chork or chorking is the sounds shoes make when you walk while they are filled with water.

Examples of using the word Chork:

Sally’s shoes chorked after she walked through the puddles.

“Why are my shoes are chorking?” Brad exclaimed, lifting up the bottom of his shoe to notice a large hole in the sole. The water must have gotten in through that.

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