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October 2, 2015

Old Word Fridays: Uglyography

Uglyography is a fancy way of saying a person has messy handwriting, or illegible writing; can also mean bad spelling.

For example:

Sally couldn’t make out the prescription because of her doctor’s uglyography.

If you practice writing everyday, you may suffer less from uglyography.

Spooky Prompt: Look in the mirror…


To be honest, writing this gave me the creeps. XD

Kanrow’s Prophecy of the Six: Prologue

They came to me,

The voices of three,

I thought myself mad for what I have seen.

The truth I see now,

It’s not all in my head,

They wish me to tell you the truth they stead.

The truth of the end of an era in time,

Where greed of men flourish,

Where gold rots the mind.

Where land out weights life,

Where money out weights trust,

Where no one are friends and where unities a bust.

I warn you my people,

The chaos will sing,

The fires will reach, it will burn everything.

The people will cry,

But the Gods won’t descend,

Not until the first of the sign to the end.

So listen my people,

For my words they are true,

I give you this book so you’ll know what to do.

The Prophecy of Six – Page 1


For those who don’t understand what this is, it is reference to the book of Prophecy’s written before the actual events of the first book (that is being worked at the moment).

The Prophecy of The Six was written by a Chijin scholar by the name of Kanrow 200 years before the current era. The book is about the end of days, as put forth by the Gods, who supposedly spoke through Kanrow, so he could warn the people of Gaitan about the Gods plans.

Suffice it to say, most people thought he was hearing voices in his head and they considered anyone who began to follow the Prophecy as Chaos Singers, as they basically preached about the end of days and the chaos that the land will endure before the Prophecy is complete.

Chaos Singers are nice people but most people look at them as fanatics for what they are doing. 😛

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