This is sort of an update… not about the writing of the book (which is going well as I am on chapter 12) but about another important part of having a book. The cover!

I’m a writer… my artistic expression is that of words. In no way is my art expression that of the drawing variety, but I was playing around with ideas today on what to make for a cover for book 1 and came up with this:


Whenever I’m looking at books I find the simplest looking covers draw my attention. It gets the idea of what I’m looking for across, and although my book is fantasy/ adventure something about this kind of idea strikes me as how my cover should be…

Don’t get me wrong the epic covers on other fantasy books with action fight scenes and magic glowing limbs are cool, but that’s not what this book is about. Maybe one of my books later one will have that kind of awesome cover, but at the moment I’m thinking minimalist approach is the way to go. Am I wrong in thinking that? Should I look at getting a more exciting looking cover, or is this interesting enough to make you want to pick it up and read the back/ look at the description on the ebook site?

I’m looking for what you all think. Maybe some suggestions on how it can be improved? This is going to be my first book, and therefore I know nothing about anything when it comes to book covers asides from what I’m reading online. XD

So, suggestions? Comments? Ideas?

I’m all ears. 🙂