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October 4, 2015

Quote: Caffeinated Organism

I went out last night for a going away party for a friend of Mr. Canuck. We enjoyed the music, drinking and food so much so that this morning I was crapulent.

So, when it came to working on my book (as I have planned to do today), I was in desperate need of caffeine to insure I could function enough to get some words down on the computer.

Caffeine is the elixir of life for a writer, I find. Other’s may not agree, but this is my opinion.

You can get a buzz through chocolate, tea, coffee and pop. Whatever it is, however you choose to consume it, you will probably start your caffeine infusion when your body is weak from the creative adrenaline rush pushing you to do anything chapter/paragraph/sentence because the mind is so willing to feed you these amazing ideas you don’t wish to leave until later.

Or, in my case (right now), I just need something to help me focus enough on doing some work on another chapter of a book I hope to have published in 12 weeks time. XD



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