So, I had an interesting day at work…

I came up with an idea for my P6 book, which I’ve been suffering through, trying to find a way passed the writers block that has appeared this week.

Great, right? I finally broke through the block of writing!

Yes, but there is more… -.-‘

I was so excited I finally got this idea that I started looking around my desk for scrap paper. Normally, my desk is plastered with scrap… but was it today? Heck no.

I ended up jumping up from my seat, running across the office to where we keep little notepads and running back to my desk. With older co-workers asking, “where’s the fire?”

Hunched over like Gollum from LotR, I started scribbling down this idea… not realizing I was speaking this idea aloud.

Most of the time, I am dead silent… to make this point clearer… they turn off the lights because they forget I’m still there at the end of the day.

After five minutes of getting this idea down, I realized my boss was standing beside me with a puzzled look on her face.

It turned out she thought I was talking to her and she had come over to see if she could answer my questions, only to find out that nothing I was saying related to my work… or to this ‘reality’… ^.^’

That’s when I had to explain to her about suffering from writers block, and my book series… and my book. She nodded her head and smiled. She mentioned how exciting it was for me writing a book, and how she looks forward to reading it and then hurried back to her desk as quickly as she could.

Most of the people at my work gave me strange glances for the rest of the day, but by now I’m sort of use to that reaction from people when it comes to my outbursts of creative inspiration…

Like the time I stood up in the middle of a lecture theatre filled with 200+ people, and shouted ‘Oh my Gods!’ For the reason I had a great interaction between my two main character’s play out in my head, which suited their relationship perfectly (at the time).

What made this worse was everyone was silently listening to the professor talk before I bolted up from my seat… and 400+ eyes were on me…

Yeah… my ‘normal’ left long ago. XD