I was talking with Melanie Noell Bernard earlier about words, after I posted my weekly installment of Old Word Friday – a post where I share an old/ forgotten word that should be used more often – and it got me thinking of this quote I saw the other day on Pinterest.

This quote is true, in the sense as writers were collect words.

Word collecting helps us improve our own writing and develop our unique voice. When I wasn’t picking shiny rocks off the sidewalk on the way home, I was collecting words from billboards or advertisements or books. My vocabulary grew with every word I collected and helped my passion for writing grow.

I still collect words and always will.

I collect words that sound funny, or explain something in a nifty way. Old words are my favourite, as I’m a BBC nut and Shakespeare fangirl at heart.

I started organizing my words after starting university to help me find the words I wanted easier. Some words in the list I don’t like but sound interesting or work better than other words – like moist.

Yes, I’m one of those people that don’t like the word moist.

It’s the way the word sounds. It is nasty and makes my face crinkle at even typing it onto this post. I would rather have people writing nibling more than the word moist.

At least nibling is a fun sounding word!

Moist in my mind is the middle between damp and wet. When something is damp, it isn’t wet. When something is wet, it isn’t damp. What if the moisture of the item is in the middle of those two states… well then – and only then – do I use the word moist.

Now I’ll get away from that word since I’ve likely lost have my readers with having that word in my post… and oh look I’m down to 2 followers…

All right, to counter the damage I’ve done with the-word-that-shall-not-be-typed I’ll share with you one of my favourite words.

Bludgeon. o^.^o

That’s right. A word that represents hitting someone repeatedly with an object or a heavy weapon is one of my favourite words.

Why do I like this word so much?

Well asides from being a psychopath… I like the sounds and words the word bludgeon can bring to a scene. Bludgeon sounds bloody and graphic. Being bludgeoned sounds like it causes more damage than being hit. Bludgeon has a weight to it, and that weight can define the weapon being used, or the action taking place.

Not to mention it’s fun to say.

So, yes, I’m a writer. I collect words like stamps or coins. They are fascinating and ever changing. Some are funny, others are descriptive and some you just can’t stand hearing like mo… nope not going to type it…

Before I go, I want to suggest checking out Melanie Noell Bernard‘s blog.

Melanie’s an aspiring novelist with a variety of posts showcasing her unbelievable writing (Flash Fiction Friday posts are my favourite). The girl can really describe a scene.

Click her name or Flash Fiction Friday to be transported to her site.

Toodles for now,

Classy Canuck 🙂