Here’s a fun word that I didn’t have until I came across it the other day trying to explain the habit one of my character’s have. They are a young child that loves to hid in the tightest spaces possible. They love nooks and crannies, sometimes getting stuck where they need my main character or one of their parents to get them out.

People like this character is easily described as a chasmophile, which literally means what I put above. Sure it isn’t one of those fun words to say, but when I believe there is a word for everything I’m right.

An example of this would be:

Druce – a troublesome boy as he was – loved hiding in the tight nooks within the castle. Sometimes hours would pass and no one would know where he was hiding until a servant or possibly his mother would hear him calling out for help. No one knew why he had such a fascination for small, tight, awkward spaces, but Liora knew one thing. The boy was a chasmophile, that’s for sure.