All right, I’ve realized over the past week that Pinterest is both the most amazing site and worst site for my life. Since I share things with all of you I thought this would be a great subject to bring up with all of you.

Asides from wedding posts, clothing posts, and Supernatural posts (#CutSamsHair) – I use Pinterest to find writing prompts, dialogue prompts, and get tips on how to improve my writing.

The Good Parts of Using Pinterest:

It has a lot of information in one location. You can get all kinds of insight on how to improve POV or description. I personally use it to collect exciting/ emotion words to help improve my writing. I also love finding quotes or writer complaints (they hit you in the feels).

Pinterest also helps you organize these resources in boards that you can set as public or private. All mine as public, since I honestly don’t care if people see re-pins.

This site also helps you share your links. I’ve posted plenty of my Writing and Dialogue prompts, which have resulted in some of my readers here.

Hello, everyone! *Waves awkwardly… disrupting the flow of this post*


Pinterest is a great way to find people with similar interests, and share resources with those people. I find a lot of comics and quotes that I share with you on this… which brings me to my last point:

Pinterest helps inspire me to blog. I find something on my Pinterest I want to share with you, or write my opinion on I do that. Most of these rants, quotes, and writing prompts were from Pinterest or sent to be my people on Pinterest.

The Bad Parts of Using Pinterest:

The crippling doubt you get from reading a post about how to write.

These are great to give you ideas but when you read it you realize that maybe you’re writing wrong. Maybe the way you write won’t be thought of as correct and everyone will hate your writing style.

The way to make your characters the best ever and ever!

Awesome, this is helpful… in some ways but when you have developed your characters and then read these posts your thoughts start going again. Did I create a good enough character? Are people going to get my character? Are people going to love/hate this character?

Ten easy steps to writing your first book!

Now this one up here^… this point right above this sentence… I can tell you right now is bull. You know why?

Even though it gives you ten tips, they are the ten tips you already know… or honestly don’t need to know. If you enjoy writing these tips come naturally to you and by reading them you only end up over-analysing what you have written in hopes you have followed these steps.

I know these are for people you have never written a day in their lives… I understand that but when you have titles saying TEN TIPS TO WRITING THE MOST AWESOME-TASTIC FIRST BOOK EVER – I’m going to call bull.

No one can guarantee you’ll write a good book; not you, not Pinterest, not even your mom. There is no guarantee people will like what you write and by writing articles like those just makes you feel more like a failure that it didn’t turn out awesome-tastic.

Summing This Up For Those Too Lazy to Read The Whole Post:

I have a love-hate relationship with that site. It’s helpful but can be damaging at the same time.

The best advice I can give you is write the way you feel comfortable; editing is the part you want to feel scared about.

Rant done. 🙂

Question for the Comments:

What do you find is helpful about Pinterest? Not helpful? Annoying?