Bay’s Lake is a merchant hub that is close to the Derm border. Still considered part of the west, Bay’s Lake welcomes anyone from anywhere wishing to trade or sell goods. They carry exotic items from the far south like silks, perfumes, and jewellery.

Bay’s Lake, although considered a neutral border town, is occupied by Dermite. Those living or visiting will see the guards marching in their royal blue capes, dressed in their polished silver armour and carrying their banners of the noble Silver Gryphon. The guards mainly keep to themselves and rarely involve themselves in the lives of those on the island village, but if there is trouble they are the first ones to act.

The village is not only known for its large marketplace, but for their fishing. As the largest body of fresh water, Bay’s Lake is the main producer of sturgeon, lake trout, and during certain times of the year salmon. They also harvest the kelp and snails.

The population of Bay’s Lake fluctuated depending on the year. During the winter Bay’s Lake has around 200 living within the village, while during the spring, summer, and fall there can be over 500. There are several inns and taverns to accommodate any travellers taste, and with music playing every night by the docks there are things to entertain.

If music isn’t your passion, there are plenty of trails and shops to explore. There is also an assortment of food to try from roasted chestnuts, and dried fruits to the locals favourite suckling pig and kelp chips.

If you are passing through to the north, or making your way to the south don’t forget to stop off through Bay’s Lake for a visit. It is worth any detour.

“The fishin’s great, and the inns are cheap.” -Brek Brambldo (Fish Bank)


“The view¬†of the lake is absolutely inspirational.” -Daislee Patree (Calin)


“Cooler than I’d like but the food made up for it.” -Kal’kin Gir’mli (Syder)