I’ve written a lot about how I love to write. There is no doubt in my mind that this is what I want to do. I spent the last six months dedicating myself to my craft.There were countless months of editing… and countless more months of editing… I hate editing… yet here I am.

After all that writing, and editing (-.-) I can say that I completed my goal of writing a book. 78000 + words later, my work is published for the world to see; for them to judge and for me to hiding in the corner suffering from overwhelming panic at what others will think. (Anxiety attacks aren’t fun, people!)

Anyways, with all that hard work I know I want to be a writer. It’s in my core. It’s in my heart and blood to share my words with the world even with the massive anxiety it causes me.

I can easily write 78000+ words about characters of my own creation, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to market to the real world.

By market… I mean figure out a way to share what I’ve worked so hard for with the world. I’m introverted… I don’t like unfamiliar human interaction. I would rather sit alone on the couch writing, reading or playing video games than go out with a group of people.

So, my issue I’m now starting to realize is I have no idea how I’m supposed to promote this thing. I’ve written blog posts. I’ve tweeted, bookfaced, and pinterested. Yet… I feel like I could do more.


If any of you have suggestions on what I can do to possibly spread the word, or places that would review my works – any information would be helpful. I want to keep learning from writing this book and the best way to learn it through peers – that means you. So, let me know your suggestions/ideas in the comments below. You know I’ll reply back. XD