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December 23, 2015

#20 on the Canadian Kindle Bestseller List


So… I don’t know what happened but today my book made #20 on the Juvenile Social Issues Bestseller’s list on the Canadian Kindle store. It’s been out for three days… I kind of find that unbelievable…

Find the book HERE


Onto Book 2… I guess…

Yeah… you know how I just published a book… and you know how I said I would be taking a break… I lied.

Well… not about publishing a book – which you can buy here (<Kindle) or here (<paperback). I mean I lied about taking a break.

Apparently I’m terrible at taking breaks. How I relax is by writing… and what do you do when you take a break – you mainly relax… so you can see where this became a problem. I started writing out ideas for book two, which led to chapter headings and scene design… which led to 30000 + words of book 2 first draft complete. Yay?

Yeah… what I’m trying to say is you can now expect updates on my progress with book 2 – Child of the Water. 🙂

Toodles for now.

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