I needed something to work on and write about on this blog so I decided to challenge myself with the 30 Day Writing Challenge. Every day for the next 30 days I will have to write something on my blog using a prompt found from this link.

So, let’s beginning.

Day 1: List Ten (10) Things That Make You Really Happy


This should come as no surprise to some, since I’m a writer… and find myself always writing something. It is an escape for me, not a job. I find writing fun and helps me explore different situations in a safe environment. I get to go on adventures to other worlds and create people from experiences. Writing is amazing!

Two | MR. CANUCK |

I’ve mentioned him a couple of times on this blog but I never really go into detail about him. Mr. C is my Significant Other who works his butt off to make sure we are living a good life. He doesn’t give himself enough credit, and is self-deprecating but he’s my everything. He’s my biggest fan, and cheerleader. Even though he doesn’t share the same passion I have with writing he listens to me talk about my story until I explode. He has a great sense of humour, and have been my biggest support. No matter how down I feel Mr. C knows how to make me happy.

Three | MY PARENTS |

My mom was my best friend and biggest support. If I needed someone to go to bats for me she would be the first one there. People called her mother bear, and she struct fear into many people who wronged her company, friends, or family. She may have been tiny but she was fierce.

My dad is more behind the scenes, but if I need him he is there. He’s my support system when I need to talk, and he’s got a great sense of humour. He is hard working, and makes me jealous on how dedicated he can be with his job… I didn’t inherit that from him. Although our work ethic isn’t the same, I am a mini version of him and at times we don’t never have to talk to know what one another is thinking. Whenever my mom needed help with trying to understand him she would ask me questions, and normally I would be right on the ball. I’m a mini him, and I couldn’t be prouder of that fact.

Four | FAMILY |

I’m talking distant family now like aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and so on. Both sides live across Canada… and some overseas… but if I ever needed anything I know they are there for me. When we get together we have a blast, and time blurs. If I ever need a pick-me-up I just have to go to a family get together and all my melancholy goes away.

Five | FRIENDS |

I don’t have many friends but the friends I do have I’ve had for life. Sometimes they annoy me, but who doesn’t. Most of the time I annoy them. XD

To be honest, I love my friends and without them I probably wouldn’t have survived high school or life without them. They give me advice… I give them advice even if they don’t want it. Some had even helped edit my first book – which they are amazing for doing that.

When I can’t be with family I be with those I chose to be my family, and they help me remember to cut loose and have fun.


I’m not talking about nature… I’m talking about the game.

The Forest is probably my favourite game in the whole world and it’s not even out of alpha. I’ve been part of the game development since they started and I’ve seen this game go from simple play to run your butt to the closest water source in hopes of escaping the herd of cannibals after you.

It is survive The Hatchet meets The Hills Have Eyes and I love love love it.

I’ve lost so many hours building an ultra fortress and hunting lizards that I don’t feel bad about myself any more. Maybe I will share some play-by-play fan-fiction I’ve been working on…

Yeah… I’m that into this game that I’m writing fan-fiction.


Yes, being an adult sucks… but there are things about being an adult that doesn’t suck. I ate a whole box of turtles yesterday (the chocolates not the reptiles) and sure I hated myself afterwards but I wasn’t scolded for it. I chose to do that.

I can also choose how I want to spend my time. I don’t have to go to school and don’t have homework. Sure I have a job, but I get money for it that I spend on sustaining my life or getting things I like or we (Mr. C and I) want.

Sure, there are moments adulting is hard… but the majority of the time it is awesome.

Eight | THE FOREST |

I’m talking about nature this time.

I love talking walks in the woods or sitting by the lake and ignoring the world around me. Nothing makes me happier than being reminded how small of a person I am in a vast world. My actions are a small ripple in a large ocean, but I’m okay with that. I’m making ripples, which means I’m making changes and that is awesome.

Nature makes me more philosophical…

Nine | OWLS |

Random I know, but their big eyes and feathery bodies just make me so happy. I love owls. I have an owl bag, owl candle holder, owl wallet, owl shirt, owl stuffed animal, owl display picture, owl agenda, owl notebook, owl pen…

Yeah… I have a problem… but the first step is admitting I have a problem… right?


Nothing makes you feel like you aren’t a failure in life than when you learn something new. Life is filled with an abundance of information just waiting to be discovered, and whenever I learn something know I get this giddy feeling in my stomach.

I love learning new things. Learning new things leads to me being able to writing new experiences, which leads to me being super happy because I’ve incorporated my two favourite things into one. 🙂