What are your top pet peeves?

Now what is a pet peeve exactly? According to Google it is: something that a particular person finds especially annoying.

Awesome, let’s get started.

I am an easy going person. I don’t believe I get annoyed by much, but those things that do annoy me usually send me off the deep end pretty quickly.

One pet peeve I know of right off the bat is noise neighbours. I don’t mean the neighbours that live in a detached house, I mean the ones that live above or below you in an apartment. I mean the neighbours that you’ve asked to be quiet more times than you believe you should to be quiet.

No, I don’t want to listen to your terrible singing at 3 am. No, I don’t want to hear you have tickle fights at 1 am. No, I don’t care that your shirt is dirty don’t do your laundry that is right below our master bedroom at 2 am. There are normal hours of the day people, we know you’re up during those hours cause we can hear you… so why the heck are you doing all the loud stuff during that time when you should be sleeping?

(Mr. Canuck and I both agree it is time to move – 2016 Goal!)

Second pet peeve is uncontrollable children. I understand that children are going to be loud. I also understand that children can be unruly little hell-spawns from time-to-time. I’m a trained educator, I understand children.

What I don’t understand is when a child is obviously being bad in public and their parent ignores a perfectly good moment to educate their child on proper behaviour in a store. No, Jimmy you can’t throw a box of animal crackers at that woman that would hurt. No, Sally don’t ram the little cart into that lady ask her to move and use please and thank you. No, Billy you cannot eat the fruit from the display because mommy will have to pay for it. Don’t just say no, explain why you are saying no – that is if you are evening getting as far as to say it.

Gods forbid if I step in to defend my shins from being a bumper railing. The parent goes after me for talking/ tainting their precious snowflake by me politely saying, “Hey little guy/girl, can you not do that. What you are doing hurts and that isn’t very nice.”

I understand being a parent is hard. Heck, I am 24 almost 25 and I can’t begin to think about how I’m going to be as a parent… but if you’re child is starting to harm other people by their actions maybe it is your time to take action as a parent. Teach your child throwing things at strangers are wrong, or running their cart into people isn’t nice. If you don’t they will learn when they are older that society won’t tolerate their behaviour and they are going to have a hard time. Sorry… but its true. The world is a tough place.

Huh… wow… I’m kind of surprised I thought I’d have more pet peeves but that seems to be all I can think of. Well, I think that is more than enough ranting for one night anyways. XD