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January 2, 2016

Old Word Friday: Twirlblast


Twirlblast is such a fun old word. How old? Well according to certain sources twirlblast dates back to the 1700s. Twirlblast simply put is an old name for tornado. I don’t know why they ever decided to change it to tornado since the older name for it sounds so much betters.

Examples of using Twirlblast in a sentence:

The town was devastated by a class 5 twirlblast.


The child’s room looked like a twirlblast tore through.

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 4


Shoot people I forgot to post my challenge yesterday, but no worries I’ll post two today to make up for it.

So, according to the list I have to write about someone who inspires me… so here we go.

Write About Someone Who Inspires You

There is just one person who inspires/ inspired me in my life. I’m lucky enough to say I have a lot of people who inspire me… I think that’s what comes with being a writer.

I mean I can get inspired by strangers I overhear on the bus, or in the store. I get inspired by Mr. Canuck who pumps up my confidence about my writing, and plays along with my over active imagination about things of the future. I get inspired by family who show support. I get inspired by friends who have my back and help me through hard times.

But being that this is a writing blog, I think it is probably best to talk about the teacher that influenced me the most to become a writer. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have gone to school for English, or decided to write a book.

Although he was only in my life for a 1 hour a week for eight months, this teacher – we’ll call him Mr. H – made one of the biggest impacts of my life.

I was in grade nine at the time and I had just joined the CWC (Creative Writers Circle), which was the writing club at my high school. Mr. H was the head faculty member of the program and he was teaching us how to create characters, balance background information, and plot. We would sit in a circle and read each other’s rough drafts, learn to give creative criticism and how to edit each others works.

I wasn’t one for sharing. At this time all my writing was being kept in a green and hot pink heart decorated journal I had gotten for valentine day from my mom. I wrote my emo poetry in it, and didn’t really think any of my work was good.

One day I left my notebook in the classroom by accident and when I went back it was gone. For a week I was heart broken think that all my poetry was gone forever until I saw my journal on Mr. H’s desk. I approached him, he handed it back and told me it was good but there were parts that needed improvement. Most of the poetry in that notebook was private… I didn’t want anyone reading it but when I saw all the red marks and comments my devastation sort of faded.

If my personal work that was never meant to see the light of day was just edited, than the work I should have been willing to share would be put through the same process. Mind you, I was pissed off that he edited my teenage emo poetry… but it was the push I needed to share my first draft of my story.

The very story that became the grandparent to Child of the Light.

This was the same teacher that gave me the best advice I still use today when I write. You see, I’m a dialogue junkie… I love writing conversations between my characters and hate description. When I write my drafts there is hardly any description and way to much dialogue. Mr. H noticed this and told me, “If it is a script – you’re on the right track. If it is a book – remember to always smell, see, touch, taste the world you are creating.”

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