|The Crash|

Gah, my head’s killing me. I know there is a better time to be writing this but I don’t want to forget anything that’s happened in case it comes in handy later during the lawsuit.

My son – Timmy (his mother named him not me… I wanted Inigo Montoya… but she said no) – and I (James) were traveling to visit family in Vancouver (Canada) when the plane hit turbulence and was torn apart. I blacked out from what I’m guess was sudden decompression and woke up in a haze… at least I think I woke up… maybe I was dreaming…

Anyways, I believe I woke up to some naked guy with red body paint looming over me and my son. I couldn’t do anything… I… I think he was taken – Timmy not body paint guy.

I blacked out again and woke up some time later to birds chirping. I was laying in the aisle of the plane. I ate the open plane food and took some mystery meds. Honestly… didn’t read the label and don’t care what the side-effects are now that my head doesn’t feel like a freaking drum.

Lucky me, my backpack stayed under the seat so I have my notebook and picture of my son. I’ll scavenge what I can from this mess and hopefully find something that will tell me where I am… if not… I don’t know what I’m going to do.