Write About Something You Feel Strongly About


How many of you thought I was going to say writing? I have other interests you know… sure I feel strongly about the importance of writing, reading, and the English language but nature is also a big part of my life. Actually, nature is a big part of all our lives…

Without trees we wouldn’t have air. Without water we wouldn’t be able to live. Without dirt we wouldn’t be able to grow our food. Without insects we wouldn’t have most of our plants.

I love nature. Its beauty. Its complexity.

Most of my inspiration comes from talking walks in the woods. My childhood was spent swimming in the lakes and watching sunsets. I caught frogs, bats, and turtles. I went fishing with my father and tracking with my dog. I’ve explored caves big and small.

Nature is always there to support us and care for us. Yes, it can be dangerous but when it isn’t we take it for granted.

Sadly, there a children that don’t get to explore the forests like I did. There are children that never got to dig for worms, catch a large mouth bass, or rescue dragonflies from the lake. They are plugged in now and don’t get to appreciate a world outside a screen. That is a really sad thought. I couldn’t imagine where or what I would have become without having nature in my life.

I probably wouldn’t have been able to learn to disconnect from the busy world. I wouldn’t be a nature photographer (click here to see that blog) or an avid hiker. I would have never been to the Provincial Parks with my parents, or spent Sundays hiking the trails near my home. I wouldn’t be me without nature.

Heck, we wouldn’t be alive.