Post Some Words of Wisdom That Speak to You

There is a saying that has stuck with me for most of my life. Many a time I’ve thought about getting it permanently inked into my skin to show my love that are these words.

Yes, they are Shakespearian.

Yes, anyone – even your common house pet – can/ will be able to comprehend its amazingness.

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves”

-William Shakespeare (Julius Caesar)

I will leave that percolate in your mind. Read it over, I’ll wait.

All right, enough waiting. Isn’t that the most amazing saying?

It pretty much is telling you that nothing controls your destiny but you. That nothing and no one can control your future but you.


This saying has helped me in so many ways. It has inspired me. It has kept me going and pushing for what my purpose or dreams will be. It keeps me thinking about what my future will hold and where I will take myself.

I know I want to write. That is a given since I already spend a good amount of my time dedicated to this craft, but what else am I going to do. Publish another book? Yes. Travel the world? Maybe. Go back to school? Heck no! I’m free now… you couldn’t pay me to go back. I’m free I tell yeah, I’m free!!

Anywho… I just thought I’d share that with you and maybe if you want leave what those words of wisdom mean for/to you. 🙂