Something You Always Think ‘What If’ About

This one was a tough since most of the time my ‘what if’ thought correspond with my writing. What if a character did something? What if I change this location? What if I removed this person, or changed the dialogue?

‘What if’ is a very common thing in my everyday writing life. In terms of outside of my writing I rarely use ‘what if’.  

Sure I wonder about things and contemplate things around me. What if there were other lifeforms on other planets? What if John Snow didn’t die? What if I don’t get a call back for that job? What if I don’t get that house I wanted? What if our future cat is Satan?

You know… normal things to use ‘what if’ for…

I usually don’t have a constant ‘what if’, like a thought that continues to return time and time again for me to maul over in my mind. Something that haunts my dreams, or makes me question reality as I know it. I’m to busy worrying about the now to distract myself in all the ‘what ifs’ around me. 🙂