Post 30 Facts About Yourself

  1. I’m named after a Star Trek character (Deanna Troi)
  2. I’m 24 – soon to be 25 – years old
  3. I have two university degrees a BA in English and BEd
  4. I wrote my first book at 14 but never published
  5. My favourite sushi is BBQ Eel and Octopus
  6. My favourite drink is Pama, Ginger ale, and Grenadine
  7. I dislike reading – asides from blogs and certain books
  8. My favourite cats are Scottish Folds
  9. My favourite dogs are Schnauzer/ Poodle mix – Schnoodle, anyone?
  10. My favourite water mammal is the Manatee
  11. My favourite bird is the Burrowing Owl
  12. My dream job is to be a professional writer (duh!)
  13. My goal is to give half the money I make from my books to charity
  14. My favourite charity is VocaliD
  15. My favourite band if Fleetwood Mac
  16. My favourite singer is Tom Petty
  17. If I didn’t ever have to work again I would volunteer my time teaching the importance of reading and writing. The other half of my time I would visit kids in hospitals and try to put a smile on their face. (I’ll even dress up as a clown).
  18. Oh, I’m afraid of clowns… IT ruined them for me
  19. My favourite author is Mitch Albom
  20. If I lived in my book world I would want to be a Northern Nest Guardian. Dealing with baby gryphons would be amazing!! ^.^
  21. I have two tattoos. One of the Gods Mark – from my book – on my back. The other of a bunny on my ribs.
  22. My favourite book is Five People You Meet In Heaven, by Mitch Albom.
  23. I’m have an allergic reaction to beef.
  24. I was supposed to go into psychology in university but changed my major to English second year.
  25. I have a green thumb… I can’t kill plants even if I try.
  26. I can crochet anything – I don’t need patterns my brain works out the pattern for me.
  27. My favourite video game is Dragon Age Inquisition.
  28. My first video game was Harvest Moon on Nintendo 64
  29. If I could have a Pokemon it would be Eevee, as she can evolve into so many different types.
  30. I just got an official website set up for my book prophecysix.ca – still in progress.


And there you have it, 30 Facts about me. 🙂