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January 19, 2016

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 19 – First Love


Discuss Your First Love

My first love wasn’t a person. My first love wasn’t an animal. My first love was an activity.

I fell in love with ballet.

Yes, I was a ballet dance for six years and I loved it. Dancing was telling a story without words. You have to express yourself through movement, and facial expressions. You had to paint a story through the music and give the audience the story through your actions.

I was young like six years old when I started dancing, but I soon realized that I loved it when we did our first performance. We danced up on the stage doing – at the time – an attempt of what the older girls were doing but we were having fun.

As the years went on, I was able to perform in the larger sirminimusproductions. I played Sir Minimus from the Labyrinth (the one with David Bowie) and Mr. Beaver from The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. I became characters from stories, wore costumes and face paint. I danced around as people I wasn’t – probably one reason I became so interested in cosplay… now that I think about it.

I stopped dancing at age 12 not because I wanted to stop, but because of the people running the school made it difficult to enjoy. I had dealt with social pressures – be tiny, be delicate, don’t be harsh, don’t dance like a boy… the worst of it was when they were trying to get me into doing the dancing exams.

The whole reason I went into dancing was to have fun. I didn’t want to do exams. I didn’t want to become a teacher. I didn’t want to go to the Royal Academy of Dancing… but if I wanted to take certain classes that use to be open to me… if I wanted to continue to perform in the big production they forced those who were there to have fun into these exams. Exams by the way aren’t fun. It is you standing before four snobby looking people who judge you on your dancing. They criticise your posture, your arm movement, your foot position. They tear your to pieces… they tear a twelve year old girl to pieces over not being perfect.

So, yeah… after my first exam I realized if I wanted to dance I would be able to dance where I was going. Unfortunately the other dance schools were taking on this professional dancers only mentality… and so… I never danced again.

Maybe I’ll go back to the stage when I’m older, but at the moment I’m happy just doing my reviews in my living room. 🙂

UPDATE: New site & Gryphons of Gaitan


Some of you may know and most of you will know now that I now have an official website for the Prophecy Six Book Series.

As much as I love blogging on here with all of you, I thought getting a site to just focus on my book would be more professional and easier to navigate than my blog. While I’ll continue to post on this site all the fun things you all seem to like to read, like: my quote rants, WWW, Old Word Fridays, and Mixed Feeling Posts – I’ll be moving a lot of my book stuff over to my professional site.

My professional site is –

There I will be putting up maps, history of Gaitan, people/ cultures, creatures, updates regarding my book, and many more things in regards to the book series.


So to summarize: Blog will be Blog. Website will be strictly book.

I’ll sometimes post fun things on my blog that I want to share with you on both my platforms. But, right now I’ll be dividing my attention to both.



I posted my first Creatures of Gaitan on my website that takes a closer look into the bird-lions of the North. Some of you may find it interesting. Others may not, but the link to the page will be shared all the same. LINK HERE


With that said, I think I’ll return to trying to figure out other ways of promoting my series and try to work on another chapter of Book 2’s first draft. 🙂


Why does it sound so good in my head?


Sometimes I wish there was a device that could hook up to your brain and record certain thoughts into a word document.

For a week now I’ve been trying to work through a point in my book that sounds works out well in my mind, but when I go to type it the results are terrible.

Has that ever happened to you?

I think about how to write certain parts of my story when I’m making dinner. I work out dialogue when I’m driving in my car… which people outside my car probably think I’m some crazy woman shout at myself while making weird faces… but whatever.

I spend more time planning out my story, or continuing my story when I’m not in front of the keyboard. Some of my best ideas are when I’m not in front of my laptop staring blankly at the Word document open before me. I type out what I can on my phone… but still what I hear in my head is always better than the things I write down.

All I’m saying is – can someone invent that machine please? I’m sure there are plenty of people who would pay big money for such a tool.

Thanks. 🙂

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