Sometimes I wish there was a device that could hook up to your brain and record certain thoughts into a word document.

For a week now I’ve been trying to work through a point in my book that sounds works out well in my mind, but when I go to type it the results are terrible.

Has that ever happened to you?

I think about how to write certain parts of my story when I’m making dinner. I work out dialogue when I’m driving in my car… which people outside my car probably think I’m some crazy woman shout at myself while making weird faces… but whatever.

I spend more time planning out my story, or continuing my story when I’m not in front of the keyboard. Some of my best ideas are when I’m not in front of my laptop staring blankly at the Word document open before me. I type out what I can on my phone… but still what I hear in my head is always better than the things I write down.

All I’m saying is – can someone invent that machine please? I’m sure there are plenty of people who would pay big money for such a tool.

Thanks. 🙂