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January 20, 2016

Wonderful Word Wednesday: Panoply


Unlike Monopoly – the game that ruins friendships and marriages – panoply is actually a good thing. When you have an panoply is usually means you have a complete set of something. Panoply is so fun to say… well I find anything with an LY fun to say actually.

Ways of using panoply in a sentence:

You may think I’m crazy but I have a panoply of the Spice Girls Dolls.


Many people have a panoply of the Harry Potter Series.


So, what kind of panoplies do you have/ are proud of?



Recently I’ve been finding it difficult to write, and it doesn’t help that once I’m in a writing zone that someone or something interrupts me.

When I get home I curl up on the couch and try to ignore the world while I work away on writing about a world that isn’t real. My mind has to be focused on that world so I know what it looks like and what the characters are doing. I need to be in that world to figure out the characters interactions and their emotions pertaining to the situation.

I have to be in ‘The Zone’ to put it simply.

So, when I’m in ‘The Zone’ and I’m working away on a scene it is really inconvenient when someone calls for my attention. I ignore them until I finish my thought in hopes to being able to jump right into it when I get back to working on my story. Sometimes I can’t ignore them long enough because they are standing in front of me, or continuously calling for me in the kitchen where they can see I’m typing away on my laptop with my headphones on. By the way HEADPHONES MEAN I AM IGNORING THE WORLD!!! When I remove my headphones then you can proceed to get my attention…


30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 20 – Crushes

Talk About Three Celebrity Crushes

This one is tough because I never think I ever had a celebrity crush… unless fictional animated characters are a thing… no… I’m going to change this question to:

Talk About Three Celebrities You Would Want To Meet

This question is easier, just because there are three people I want to meet. Their level of fame varies but they are celebrities all the same.


Princess Diana 

This woman was one of my role models when I was growing up. Suffering from depression, Diana decided to fight against it and become the centre point of many charities. She was why I fell in love with charity work, and really the first British person I loved before Doctor
Nine. princessdi

Tragically she passed away, and that was probably the first time I ever cried over someone I didn’t know. I remember watching the announcement about the car crash. I was really young but it was vivid enough for me to remember sitting with my knees in my chest clutching to my bunny bear watching British people talk about how tragic it was.

I know I would never be able to sit down with her to share a meal and discuss charity work and family, but she would be the number one person on my list anyways.


William Shakespeare 

Some of you may be surprised to hear there one, other’s who have followed my blog for a while KNOW my obsession with Mr. Billy S. shakespeare-sunglasses

I actually should mention that it was one teacher of mine in elementary school that helped me fall in love with Shakespeare. It was her passion and love for his plays and sonnets that transferred to me. It was thanks to her that I memorized most of Romeo and Juliet.

He is the master of the written word, and father to many of the words of the English language. He is a theatre buff and lived during a time that – asides from the black death – is a place I would want to travel back and see for its history.

Another dead celebrity but still a celebrity.


Mitch Albom

This man is my favourite author and if I could have just five minutes to tell him that to his face my life would be fulfilled. Transfer15837 0060

The first book I read by him was during a literature theory class in grade 12. It is probably his best known work Tuesdays With Morrie. This was the first book that broke me down to
tears. Although you know from the beginning that Morrie is going to die – after all the book is a memoir for the man – you still feel like a part of you is lost with the loss of Morrie.

I knew after reading that book I had to read the rest of Albom’s works. I don’t usually collect books – asides from certain series – but Albom’s works are among my favourite. The way he encapsulates mortality and humanity into his pieces are just jaw dropping.

Like I said above, if I could have just five minutes with him my life would be complete. If I could sit down and talk to him about his process I think I’d just die right there on the spot.

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