Recently I’ve been finding it difficult to write, and it doesn’t help that once I’m in a writing zone that someone or something interrupts me.

When I get home I curl up on the couch and try to ignore the world while I work away on writing about a world that isn’t real. My mind has to be focused on that world so I know what it looks like and what the characters are doing. I need to be in that world to figure out the characters interactions and their emotions pertaining to the situation.

I have to be in ‘The Zone’ to put it simply.

So, when I’m in ‘The Zone’ and I’m working away on a scene it is really inconvenient when someone calls for my attention. I ignore them until I finish my thought in hopes to being able to jump right into it when I get back to working on my story. Sometimes I can’t ignore them long enough because they are standing in front of me, or continuously calling for me in the kitchen where they can see I’m typing away on my laptop with my headphones on. By the way HEADPHONES MEAN I AM IGNORING THE WORLD!!! When I remove my headphones then you can proceed to get my attention…