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January 24, 2016

Books I Like List

All right. As many of you now know, although I’m a writer I’m not one for reading. I read because I have to most of the time. I read to learn… and it is really hard for me to find a book I actually enjoy reading. So, one of you lovely readers asked me to give you a list of books that I’ve actually enjoyed reading. This is that list.

Feed by MT Anderson

Feed is about a future where everyone is hooked up to the internet by chips in their brains and a group of kids are disconnected for a short time due to a ‘hack’. You want a reason why people shouldn’t be hooked up to the internet by their brain this is a good book to show you the reasons why.

Although the dialogue is hard to get passed with a lot of broken English and slang. This is a great book to give you insight into a different kind of dystopia that may be closer to reality than anyone wants to admit.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Introduced to me by a retired math teacher on one of my family vacations across Ontario, Outlander because a quick favourite of mine. It follows a WWII nurse after the war that gets pulled back to 1743 Scotland. It’s full of romance, adventure, and danger.

As much as I loved the first book… I honestly believe that’s where it should have ended. I didn’t enjoy the rest of the series as it followed similar tropes from the previous book…

Earth Children Series by Jean Auel

This was the first ever series I read. I was thirteen years old and couldn’t escape the prehistoric world of this series. It follows a young girl named Ayla through surviving the post ice age landscape. Also filled with romance, adventure, self-discovery, and history.

I loved Clan of the Cave Bear, Valley of the Horses, Mammoth Hunter, and Plains of Passage. These were all great books, and although the ending to Plains of Passage was open ended – that was a great place to stop.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. There were two more books… The Land of Painted Caves and The Shelter of Stone.

Although I read these two books, I found that they followed the same themes as the other books with no real change. Ayla and Jondalar get in a fight. They split for some time. They pine over one another and get jealous when they are with other people. Other people say they are made for each other. They end up back together. Rinse and repeat…

Sure there are other things going on that are different but the main storyline is the same…

So, yeah… read the first four books and forget the last two in my opinion.

Mitch Albom Books

I am going to list the books I’ve read here and to save time – I love them all. They are each a human story. You feel emotionally invested in the characters and can relate on some level to what is going on. Never have I loved an author so much, and never have I been torn to pieces by writing before. I’ve read the books over a dozen times and even though I know the stories word for word I still can’t help myself from becoming a blubbering mess of tears. In order of favourites:

  • The Five People You Meet In Heaven < 9 times read
  • Have a Little Faith < 3 times read
  • For One More Day < 2 times read
  • The Time Keeper < 1 time read
  • Tuesdays With Morrie < 1 time read

Total of times I’ve read a Mitch Albom book: 16 times…

Yeah… I love his writing. 😛



I’ve learnt a lot…


Since I started writing I have researched non-stop about different things… the amount of time I’ve spent looking things up or reading about topics outside of just writing is absolutely mind-blowing.

I’ve researched the psychological and emotional effects of being forced out of your home due to conflict. I’ve researched the stages of grief a person goes through the having to adapt to new surrounds. I’ve looked up ways to cure someone using ‘weeds’. I have memorized over ten different types of poisonous mushrooms…

I’ve looked up military ranks, monarchy successions, medieval traditions/ jobs/ clothing/ food/ medicine. I’ve done research on mythical/ magical beasts. How to build your own world, create your own language, approach topics of diversity in YA fiction…

It was only today when I was looking for a fungus that could be used as an antiseptic that I realized that I’ve researched/ learned a lot of stuff for my book series. AND I’M ONLY ON BOOK TWO! Like holy pop rockets, Batman! That is a lot of things for only two books… but I know I’ll be doing a lot more research/ learning a lot more things before P6 is over.

Oh, and to answer your question. Birch Polypore… it has antiseptic properties when used to bandage a wound. Also helps with stomach parasites… and as a laxative. 🙂



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