Since I started writing I have researched non-stop about different things… the amount of time I’ve spent looking things up or reading about topics outside of just writing is absolutely mind-blowing.

I’ve researched the psychological and emotional effects of being forced out of your home due to conflict. I’ve researched the stages of grief a person goes through the having to adapt to new surrounds. I’ve looked up ways to cure someone using ‘weeds’. I have memorized over ten different types of poisonous mushrooms…

I’ve looked up military ranks, monarchy successions, medieval traditions/ jobs/ clothing/ food/ medicine. I’ve done research on mythical/ magical beasts. How to build your own world, create your own language, approach topics of diversity in YA fiction…

It was only today when I was looking for a fungus that could be used as an antiseptic that I realized that I’ve researched/ learned a lot of stuff for my book series. AND I’M ONLY ON BOOK TWO! Like holy pop rockets, Batman! That is a lot of things for only two books… but I know I’ll be doing a lot more research/ learning a lot more things before P6 is over.

Oh, and to answer your question. Birch Polypore… it has antiseptic properties when used to bandage a wound. Also helps with stomach parasites… and as a laxative. 🙂