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January 2016

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 23 – Letter

Write A Letter To Someone, Anyone

Dear Readers,

I know I haven’t been updating you on book 2 – Child of the Water – but life takes over, forcing us to focus our attention on other things. At the moment I’m still working away on chapter 15. I’m planning each chapter the best I can and I’ll try to keep you more informed of what’s going on. That, though, isn’t why I’m writing this letter to you.

As I mentioned before I like covering complicated/ big issues in my stories. The first book focused around a girl displaced by conflict who has to leave her home and learn to adapt in a new environment. You listen to her conflicting thoughts of her wanting to be back home but the inability to go back. You experience the racism those of her new home place on her because she’s different. You learn about one of the bigger issues: Them vs. Us.

These are all problems we are seeing today in the media. We have people being displaced by conflicts, forced to leave their homes to go to other countries to seek safety for themselves and their families. You hear about the fear the media is feeding about people and we listen assuming that everyone is a threat – which the majority of the time isn’t the case. We have children and families having to adapt to places that aren’t familiar and be reminded every time they want to go back that they can’t because their home is not home any more… that there is nothing left for them. We listen to politicians debate about mental health – using Them vs Us again; as if those suffering from mental health issues are in a separate group within society and therefore should be treated as such. That isn’t the case as mental health touches everyone’s life somehow – just like conflict, abuse, abandonment, othering… and so on. We may not all suffer the same degree as someone else, but we have all experienced something that would categorize us together under the all consuming title: THEM.

Why don’t we stop using the word THEM and THEY? Why don’t we look at people as what they really are – people. Every country has their issues. Every country has their threats. Every person has their secrets. Every person has their scars. It is not just one people behind these problems, but a mixture of people and issues bottled together that create these problems. It is the conflict, the hatred, the othering, and a much longer list of things that created what our world is dealing with today. We are as guilty for what is happening in the world as everyone else… but we aren’t told that. We are told it’s their problems. Their issues. Their fault.

Last time I checked we were all homo sapiens and we were all living on earth… so where is this their, them, they coming from? Yes, there are those that follow a different religion. Yes, there are people that may have different traditions, languages, cultures, opinions, appearance, sexual preferences, genders, experiences than you or I. But, I hate to break it to you – there are over 7 billion people in the world – there is bound to be diversity.

All right… let’s calm this rant down a little since I’m sounding like I’m becoming hostile.

*Breathes in. Breathes out.*

I know I’m just one person ranting about the world. This letter wasn’t supposed to go this way, but one thing about writing… you can plan it but that doesn’t mean that’s how it will end up. This is a passionate topic for me as I find it important that everyone has the right to be safe in their home. I think its important that children get an education and live in a loving community where they can be themselves and not have to worry about insults or harsh comments, or even physical violence because of who they are, what they wear, or what they believe.

I’m just one person… but even one person can make a difference if they use what they have in a good way. Like Uncle Ben from Spiderman would say, “With great power comes great responsibility.” I may not be able to climb walls or shoot webs but I do have the ability to write and that can be just as powerful. I wrote Child of the Light the way I did in hopes of creating a conversation among the younger generations. I wrote the book in hopes it would get people thinking about the connections between Liora, Caldor, and other characters to those being treated as Others in society.

I know this letter is deeper than most of my writing… but I hope this letter helped open your eyes or consider looking more into what is happening in the world. I also hope that if you have an opinion or share a common opinion that you won’t hesitate to share it in the comments below.

Now I must part as I have some LGBTQIA sub-Reddits to explore and a character to develop.

Toodles for now,


30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 22 – Shuffle

First Fifteen Songs You hear On Shuffle

Since I already did a song list thing earlier this challenge, I’m not going to bore you with the details of each of these songs. The fact of the matter is I love anything and everything. My music is a reflections of my personality – I’m up for anything and I won’t say no unless I’ve given it a try before and didn’t like it.

With saying that, here are fifteen songs I got when playing my IPod on shuffle:

Dawn Langstroth – You Don’t Want Me

Bing Cosby/Vic Schoen – Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Bar

Fleetwood Mac – Dreams

Mateo Messina – Up the Spout

Carlyle Fraser – Family Portrait

Barenaked Ladies – Humungous Tree

Katy Perry – Firework

The Ink Spots – Do I Worry?

Barenaked Ladies – Something You’ll Never Find

Howard Baer – Spancil Hill

Dean Martin – Memories are made of this

Marianas Trench – All to Myself

Florence And The Machine – Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)

Enya – Boadicea

Jason Mraz – The Remedy

 This is probably the best song to end with. I just LOVE Jason Mraz. ❤

The Flute Tree

There are many creatures in Gaitan that we earthlings will never have to worry about encountering …unless, of course, you’re joining Liora and the rest of the Six of their adventures.

One of these creatures happens to be a tree called a Flute Tree for the sound it makes when the wind blows through its leaves. Now, if you are interested in reading/ learning more about this creature tree I have provided a link that will take you directly to my other site. If you aren’t interested – then go on your way.



Books I Like List

All right. As many of you now know, although I’m a writer I’m not one for reading. I read because I have to most of the time. I read to learn… and it is really hard for me to find a book I actually enjoy reading. So, one of you lovely readers asked me to give you a list of books that I’ve actually enjoyed reading. This is that list.

Feed by MT Anderson

Feed is about a future where everyone is hooked up to the internet by chips in their brains and a group of kids are disconnected for a short time due to a ‘hack’. You want a reason why people shouldn’t be hooked up to the internet by their brain this is a good book to show you the reasons why.

Although the dialogue is hard to get passed with a lot of broken English and slang. This is a great book to give you insight into a different kind of dystopia that may be closer to reality than anyone wants to admit.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Introduced to me by a retired math teacher on one of my family vacations across Ontario, Outlander because a quick favourite of mine. It follows a WWII nurse after the war that gets pulled back to 1743 Scotland. It’s full of romance, adventure, and danger.

As much as I loved the first book… I honestly believe that’s where it should have ended. I didn’t enjoy the rest of the series as it followed similar tropes from the previous book…

Earth Children Series by Jean Auel

This was the first ever series I read. I was thirteen years old and couldn’t escape the prehistoric world of this series. It follows a young girl named Ayla through surviving the post ice age landscape. Also filled with romance, adventure, self-discovery, and history.

I loved Clan of the Cave Bear, Valley of the Horses, Mammoth Hunter, and Plains of Passage. These were all great books, and although the ending to Plains of Passage was open ended – that was a great place to stop.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. There were two more books… The Land of Painted Caves and The Shelter of Stone.

Although I read these two books, I found that they followed the same themes as the other books with no real change. Ayla and Jondalar get in a fight. They split for some time. They pine over one another and get jealous when they are with other people. Other people say they are made for each other. They end up back together. Rinse and repeat…

Sure there are other things going on that are different but the main storyline is the same…

So, yeah… read the first four books and forget the last two in my opinion.

Mitch Albom Books

I am going to list the books I’ve read here and to save time – I love them all. They are each a human story. You feel emotionally invested in the characters and can relate on some level to what is going on. Never have I loved an author so much, and never have I been torn to pieces by writing before. I’ve read the books over a dozen times and even though I know the stories word for word I still can’t help myself from becoming a blubbering mess of tears. In order of favourites:

  • The Five People You Meet In Heaven < 9 times read
  • Have a Little Faith < 3 times read
  • For One More Day < 2 times read
  • The Time Keeper < 1 time read
  • Tuesdays With Morrie < 1 time read

Total of times I’ve read a Mitch Albom book: 16 times…

Yeah… I love his writing. 😛



I’ve learnt a lot…


Since I started writing I have researched non-stop about different things… the amount of time I’ve spent looking things up or reading about topics outside of just writing is absolutely mind-blowing.

I’ve researched the psychological and emotional effects of being forced out of your home due to conflict. I’ve researched the stages of grief a person goes through the having to adapt to new surrounds. I’ve looked up ways to cure someone using ‘weeds’. I have memorized over ten different types of poisonous mushrooms…

I’ve looked up military ranks, monarchy successions, medieval traditions/ jobs/ clothing/ food/ medicine. I’ve done research on mythical/ magical beasts. How to build your own world, create your own language, approach topics of diversity in YA fiction…

It was only today when I was looking for a fungus that could be used as an antiseptic that I realized that I’ve researched/ learned a lot of stuff for my book series. AND I’M ONLY ON BOOK TWO! Like holy pop rockets, Batman! That is a lot of things for only two books… but I know I’ll be doing a lot more research/ learning a lot more things before P6 is over.

Oh, and to answer your question. Birch Polypore… it has antiseptic properties when used to bandage a wound. Also helps with stomach parasites… and as a laxative. 🙂



Old Word Friday: Bedward


That’s right, there is a word called bedward. Like edward + B.

Basically, bedward means to head to bed.

How to use bedward in a sentence:

After a long day at work I’m bedward.


When the children were done brushing their teeth they were ushered bedward.

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 21 – Lessons

What Three Lessons Do You Want Your Children To Learn From You?


If You Love Something Never Let It Go

I’m not talking about people in regards to this comment. I’m talking about what they are most passionate about.

I’ve always loved to write, but all my life people told me that I would never get a real job out of it. They told me I wouldn’t make money, and would be wasting my time if I continued onto that path.

I listened to them and instead of pursuing my real dream of becoming a writer I went to school for my second passion, which was to teach.

Sadly my backup plan backfired due to the low hiring rate for teachers in my country. This resulted in my finding a job in another field, dealing with numbers (-.-) and filing all day. I don’t mind my job. The people are nice and the work keeps my interest… but it isn’t my passion and isn’t my second passion.

It was working in a field outside my passions that I realized that this gave me time to pursue something else. I went back to writing and have published a book because of it. I’m not in it for the money. I have a job that pays me so I can continue writing for the fun of it and not the business of it.


Honesty Is The Best Policy 

Telling lies can be tiring. Trying to keep all those stories in line in your head. Hoping no one catches on to the fact you aren’t telling the truth. It is easier to just tell the truth and be honest.

Sometimes honesty will be harsher than a white lie but in the end it is better for people to know where you stand than have your opinions change with each interaction. At least that’s what I try to do.


You’ll Be An Adult One Day – Be Patient

Every kid wants to be an adult but the honest truth is – being and adult is all it’s cracked up to being. I know I couldn’t wait to grow up. I hated school. I hated my peers for the childish torment they put me through because I was more mature than they were. I hated some of my teachers for not being their to help me when I asked for their help in regards to the torment.

Being a kid sucks too, I know that… but there is a heck of a lot less stress when you are 14 than 24. You may not think so because your priorities are focused around other things but you do have less to worry about. You can be free from major responsibilities like paying bills and working to survive.

Let me and your father worry about that… cause you will have to do that soon enough when you’re out on your own.

Wonderful Word Wednesday: Panoply


Unlike Monopoly – the game that ruins friendships and marriages – panoply is actually a good thing. When you have an panoply is usually means you have a complete set of something. Panoply is so fun to say… well I find anything with an LY fun to say actually.

Ways of using panoply in a sentence:

You may think I’m crazy but I have a panoply of the Spice Girls Dolls.


Many people have a panoply of the Harry Potter Series.


So, what kind of panoplies do you have/ are proud of?



Recently I’ve been finding it difficult to write, and it doesn’t help that once I’m in a writing zone that someone or something interrupts me.

When I get home I curl up on the couch and try to ignore the world while I work away on writing about a world that isn’t real. My mind has to be focused on that world so I know what it looks like and what the characters are doing. I need to be in that world to figure out the characters interactions and their emotions pertaining to the situation.

I have to be in ‘The Zone’ to put it simply.

So, when I’m in ‘The Zone’ and I’m working away on a scene it is really inconvenient when someone calls for my attention. I ignore them until I finish my thought in hopes to being able to jump right into it when I get back to working on my story. Sometimes I can’t ignore them long enough because they are standing in front of me, or continuously calling for me in the kitchen where they can see I’m typing away on my laptop with my headphones on. By the way HEADPHONES MEAN I AM IGNORING THE WORLD!!! When I remove my headphones then you can proceed to get my attention…


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