Earlier this week I asked if anyone wanted me to share anything about the P6 book series, and as per the lovely Donna Lynn’s request I wrote out a brief paragraph introducing each character from book one.

When I complete the rough draft for book two I’ll do another character post but at this point in time characters may still change or be removed from the story. So, it is best to leave that until I have a better idea of the final draft. 🙂

Here we go:

Caldor Lefwid:

Caldor is the first character introduced in the Child of the Light. He is an old sage specializing in the field of medicine. He is one of twelve people in all of Gaitan granted the title of Master Healer. He’s a forward, logical thinker with the issue of assuming his answers are always right. He doesn’t believe in religion, prophecies, or other worldly beliefs. He believes that everything has a logical answer proven by science and he will not sleep until he finds it.

His responsibly in Demor is to care for the sick prince and to find the cure for the boy’s ‘incurable’ aliment. He enjoys taking challenges that appear impossible and asks for little help from those he doesn’t consider at his level of intelligence. He cannot connect to others emotionally, which leads to some interesting situations.

Cáel – The Prince of Derm:

Cáel is the only son of the northern king and heir to the throne of Derm. When he is not suffering from his aliments his favourite activities are playing his lute and telling stories to his caretakers. Unable to leave his bed or special chair, the boy spends most of his time dreaming of what it is like to go on adventures around Derm and hopes that one day he will get to see all of Gaitan. He rarely complains about his situation and is a great listener.

Foe – Lord of Demor & Steward of Derm:

Best friend to the King, Foe has a mysterious background. We know he was part of the frontlines for some time but he doesn’t speak much of it. As a seasoned warrior and now father, he keeps much of his time at the front to himself. Even his wife – the fair and kind Detress of Demor – doesn’t know much of what he has done for his country.

Foe is a friendly, childish fellow. He is Caldor’s confidant, and trusted companion in his adventures across the western valley. When Caldor can’t relate to human emotions it is Foe that steps in and gives a situation a human touch. He may at first appear threatening but those that let themselves get to know the Lord of Demor realize quickly that he’s just a big, blond teddy bear.

Charn – the Northern King:

Stubborn, set in his ways, and openly mistrusting of outsiders, the Northern King isn’t really the most welcoming man. If not for Foe, Caldor wouldn’t have been placed as Master Healer of the Prince. He believes that Liora is a threat to Derm because of the people she is born from and disapproves of her relationship with his son. Sometimes his behaviour gets him in trouble with the council or with his friends but everyone just sighs and accepts that is just how Charn is. He lets his emotions take control over logic, which results in causing more problems then just letting something go. It takes a really long time to gain the man’s trust, but if patient it can happen.


From the Western mountain city of Morza and granddaughter to the Master Healer Naygu, Liora is not only talented in healing but also incredibly determined. Forced to leave her home due to the slaughter of her people, Liora escapes to Derm to try and find refuge. First running across Pellar, she quickly discovers that she is no longer the same person she was before leaving Morza. That something had happened the night of the massacre that awoke some kind of ability to see the future.

Upon meeting Caldor and Foe we quickly discover that Liora is going to be a stubborn, forward thinking, honest character. She is young – fourteen – and follows the ways of her people, which is ‘always be honest as honesty is always the best.’ Like Charn, Liora goes with her emotions than with her logic. She usually ends up in trouble due to not considering the consequences first. That or her curiosity gets the better of her. It takes time for everyone to accept Liora for who she is, and it takes Liora time to adapt to her new surrounds. Cultivating a deep friendship with both the prince and Foe’s son, Liora discovers that the North isn’t all that bad.


Pellar is a pellar. We do not learn his real name and possibly never will. This wild man dressed in fur, with matted hair, smelling of body odor is – according to him – a talented healer. Pellars are alternative healers using methods not yet proven by the University of La’reen to actually work. Caldor scoffs at people like Pellar and tries to avoid little contact with them as possible. Unfortunately for Caldor, he’s forced to interact with the wild man due to the relationship he’s made with Liora. It was Pellar that took care of her prior to the girl going off to live in Demor and the girl doesn’t appear to want to let the relationship fade.

Marcia – Detress of Demor:

The wife of Foe and mother of Druce, the Detress is known to be a motherly woman to all that fall in her care. Taking Liora under-wing, Marcia becomes a mother figure to the girl and helps the girl believe that everything will work out. As she was a trained healer by the Sisters of Mercy, Marcia also assists in tending to the prince when Caldor is off studying or gallivanting about Gaitan. She can be strict but rarely shows that side unless you truly deserve it. She’s the voice of reason not only to Foe, but to Charn. Marcia only wants the best for Liora but sometimes that means she will try and force the girl into things Liora doesn’t wish to do.


He is the son of Marcia and Foe. He is around six in the first book and is quiet. When he isn’t with his mother or father, Druce can be found clinging to Liora. Druce enjoys learning about Liora’s culture and also picks up on the Morzi language quickly. He loves to write and finds languages fascinating.


Sisters of Mercy:

To put simply, these are nuns of the North. They follow the belief that Darkel – the God of Earth and Wind and the father of the Dermite – left behind a book of rules that the people of Derm are to follow. Of course as time went on and the world changed not everyone followed the rules of the book as closely. The Sisters of Mercy are those who dedicate their life to their God in hopes of pleasing him enough to bring good fortune to their people. They do not like outsiders. They hate those resembling the South, and they sometimes go overboard in trying to protect the monarchy. Still, a small amount of Sisters do accept anyone needing their help and have been known to take women of lower status into the cloth in hopes of giving them a better life and education.

Sisters of Mercy do not marry and if they choose to dedicate themselves to a mortal man they are forced to leave the cloth. Some Sisters may ostracized the one leaving but due to the relationships built over the years of living together most stay in contact with the Sister who has left.

Chaos Singers:

These crazy preachers are followers of Kanrow’s Prophecy – Prophecy Six. They throw away their worldly belongings to stand on wooden boxes in the streets and sing the verses of the prophecy to those willing to hear. They are found gathering in larger cities – like Demor – to sing their chorus after a large catastrophe has occurred. They believe their job is to remind the people of Gaitan of the six signs and that in time an era of peace will come.

No one likes them. No one believes them but there are thousands of them across Gaitan. Their dedication to the Prophecy makes people uneasy, and most believe that they are not well in the head to be preaching about a book written by – what they consider – a crazy old man.