For this Friday’s old word I’ll introduce you to the word rawgabbit. Rawgabbit is a person that gossips in secret about things they have no knowledge about. Everyone knows someone who’s like this, at least I know I’ve know a few people that have done this… and I’ll admit when I was a teenager I had moments of beingĀ a rawgabbit – something I’m not proud of.

To give you an example of a rawgabbit – they are a person that will pull you aside and speak about other people doing things that are utterly untrue. They are starters of rumours and they can cause problems for other people if those they gossip to end up spreading these untruths about.

Examples of rawgabbit in a sentence:

Sally knew that Frank was a rawgabbit after he spoke about Miss. Alison’s relationship with the gym teacher.


“Stop being such a rawgabbit!” My mother ordered, silencing my muttering the moment her glare caught my eye.


Now, I find this word very useful in character development. If you don’t know how to describe a gossipy character this word pretty-much sums them up. You can also use it as an insult as no one likes to be called a liar and a gossip.