To start this off, I am not an Oscar fan. In the 25 years I’ve been on this earth the Oscars have been low on my priority list but for some reason as I sit here in my hotel room between Thunder Bay and London, Ontario heading to start a new part of my life, I find myself enraptured in the frivolous display put on by the Oscars. This is one night where people who we idolize on screen fight for a chance to gain a gold statue of a naked person that we have given purpose to as the greatest award an actor can receive. Now, I am not one to enjoy people thanking their parents or dog or their favourite role model while holding back their tears on how thankful they are for what has happened – it feels fake to me – but, asides from all this frivolous, fake, idolization of others I do have to watch this year’s Oscars to see if one person finally gets this rewarded for all his hard work.

I’ve been #TeamLeo since I first watched him as Jack in BearActingSkillthe 1997 release of Titanic, so when I heard that Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated for Best Actor for his role in ‘The Revenant’ I had to watch. Now, I’m being bias when I say that this is his year – as I’m wearing my DIY #TeamLeo shirt – but after all the challenges he had to face with this role this has to be his year.  Sure sub-zero temperatures are nothing – live in Thunder Bay and you’ll understand – but even us Northerner’s run screaming like little girls when faced with a bear. Leonardo faces them head on… well fake bears head on… but it sure seemed real to those watching because “acting”. So, for the sake of his own safety it may be in the film industry’s best interest to give him the bloody gold statue before he actually takes on a real bear in his next role.




HECK YES! I am so happy he finally got that Oscar. Although I do not approve of his lifestyle I do respect his ability on screen. I’m proud Leo finally got what he deserved – regarding this award.